Monday, 2 January 2012

Masquerade - Dawning Of The Day

Dawning of the day. Masquerade

This year started with a bang, in fact it started here in the UK with the most outstanding firework display I have ever seen... if you missed it check out Youtube! Stepping into 2012, with the brightest spirit followed by a truly sunny day with a warmth interrupted occasionally by a chilly breeze, I feel that 2012 is set to be an incredible year. Yesterday Its Braap started our Facebook Page, the group having run for over a year, and a Twitter account... help LOL, however a business essential it appears!
Today I discovered the icing on the cake when I came across this brilliantly refreshing song fit to be the first musical post of 2012. I have never heard of Swedish rock band ‘Masquerade,’ however this music is totally uplifting with mind blowing guitar solo’s.

Lyrical content includes:

‘Everything’s so alive so far beyond our time‘

‘The Dawning of the day, a time, a place filled with light’...

Just love it & definitely the essence of the beginning of the year. I think this is possibly the strongest sentiment in the song and is highly thought provoking> ‘ the precious time when freedom is no crime.’

According to the Wikipedia, Masquerade was formed in late 1988 and they spent quality time preparing their music, releasing their debut album in 1992 to great acclaim in England & Japan. They had a break for a while and later reformed. Interestingly the first band that came to mind when listening to this tune was Whitesnake & apparently they have been compared to and associated with Whitesnake. Masquerade have 3 albums to date, the most recent being ‘Flux’ in 2001. I think they have incredible energy and are extremely talented so would love to hear more from them in the not too distant future!

Jaz McKenzie

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