Wednesday, 4 July 2018


How can you describe a piece of music like this? I was going to post the song that was written to go with the film however the music says an infinite amount more and definitely doesn't need a story. Having said that, do check it out because 'He was so beautiful' tells its own story and uses the music in an exceptionally skillfull fashion.

Cavatina means 'simple' according to the John Williams guitar video, and this is a piece of music that  is simply beautiful. You can really relax and possible meditate to it; although very short it is ideal to help with a brief de-stress! Must remember that next time I'm fired up about something. Having played guitar in my late teens- early twenties, and been incredibly passionate about it, I find guitar music reaches deeply inside me and initiates a 'coming home' feel. The guitar is such a beautiful instrument and I am very thankful to still own my beautiful Oscar Teller! I have re-tuned it and just playing a little something most days now. Guitar energy tends to make me feel joyful - SOOOOOO

May the joy of this day remain with you!

Jaz McKenzie~The Word Magician

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Staying True To Yourself-How good are you at doing this?

Hello Guys! As many of you will know I have recently started a new project; in fact it's proving to be a new way of being. Initially I was overwhelmed as I'm learning two skill sets at once, but now I've settled down and am making good progress. So what are we about and what do we learn? When we arrive on earth our mission is to learn, which includes everything from physical, social and cognitive skills to values, beliefs and self image. All need to be nurtured! 

Learning is a lifelong process that takes time- after all, an athlete doesn't become an athlete overnight. Athlete's bodies have to be conditioned, their minds-trained. Athletes create daily routines by introducing a high level of discipline as they need to master specific techniques to gain the edge in their field- wow what a role call! To some extent the same applies to business and even our general health. We have to allow time for change and constantly evaluate, making adjustments to enable growth- (or loss if you're slimming!)

Any group you join in life has their own way of doing things, especially big companies who often have tried and tested methods that everyone is expected to follow. The corporate approach is great for many people and necessary in specific fields. Sometimes technique is key- A surgeon needs to know how to carry out the exact procedure before starting an operation; but in some areas of life one cap doesn't fit all. Sooooo, how do we know whether we're fine following someone else's methods?

To answer this we need to read the clues! What clues you might be saying? Are you basically happy in your work or leisure circles? Happiness is always key. Moving on, results are good indicators. In most industries the biggest results are happy clients and repeat business. But what about target based industries? Are you meeting, exceeding or failing to hit your monthly quota? Now that's a quick indicator depending on your length of time in the company. Most result led companies will let you go if you fail to hit their targets, leaving you to improve techniques of change course.

The biggest clue as to whether we are true to ourselves always lies in our gut instinct. How do you feel about the way you are operating? Does it create bad feelings, worries, or an 'I don't like this response?' This is where it becomes tricky. When you have any of these indicators you need to identify why. Are you in the right place and just experiencing a couple of aspects that don't suit or does everything not seem like you? For me, overall everything is great with the exception of one key area. Basically the system was set up by American businessmen and I'm not an Alpha male who likes to cut to the core of the matter; neither am I a product of our instant society therefore although the overall method has been tried and testing, working well for the majority, I've decided to deviate and come up with a gentler technique. Provided you do not need to answer to anyone, feel free to try this!

It might be that your business or even circle of friends are quite comfortable about doing things that are a bit dodgy- oh my, I remember the days when my boys were teenagers and definitely saw everything through grey speckled lenses! There was no negotiating with them - we need to understand when we can speak our mind and when it is best to retreat quietly in every situation.

Our personal integrity is important and forms the basis of our reputation. Would you knowingly take your car to a dodgy mechanic who will happily fix one problem whilst creating another, so you have to bring your car back? People will look at you and decide on all levels whether you're fit for their circle. My advice is to study your feelings, reactions and develop strong principles; you need to strengthen your inner voice so that you make good decisions in line with your true character. For me, the whole 'new experience' initially swept across me so it took time before I realised where I needed to make changes. I tried to understand the reasons for things in the first instance, debating and being told why I should follow the approved method. As time went on I still felt uncomfortable as it so wasn't 'me' and have changed to a method I'm happy with. In my case it just meant that I messed up a little with no damage done and created a great learning curve enabling me to share this knowledge!

I think Oscar Wilde defined the importance of being ourselves in the simplest way possible. We didn't just come with individual fingerprints, we came with our own blue print, our individual thought process, aspirations, conscience, so stay true to yourself and you will progress through life with ease.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Count Your Blessings- Taking a look at friendships & a bit of my life!

Patrick Boothe, besides being an outstanding musical talent is a good friend of mine. I was reminded of this earlier today when I played his new track; an awesome cover of 'How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.' Unfortunately I couldn't find this on Patrick's YouTube channel but whilst there I took a trip down memory lane and came across the 'Willow Tree' interview I did with Lovella Ellis to promote her cover version of her Father Alton Ellis's song which Patrick produced. I also discovered Patrick's version of one of my all time favourites 'Let's get it on,'... incidentally Patrick opened for Marvin Gaye back in the day! Through Patrick I met Reggae artist Tinga Stewart which was an unforgettable experience and an honour! Naturally I have interviewed Patrick so read more about this musical genius here.

Patrick- a musical genius!!
This whole thing got me thinking. I miss spending time with Patrick, so how come our friendship drifted? I can't answer that because, as is the case with so many friendships, nothing of significance happened. Patrick was there when my life turned upside down and now he's somewhere in the background- not good. Patrick was a strong support when my life seriously hits the rocks and I guess we lost touch somewhere during my very slow recovery process that took place over the next few years.

With Diania & guys at Southend Village Green Festival 2017

There have been many people whom I have worked with closely for a long period of time and those I have known as personal friends who simply faded away. Tippa Irie & Peter Hunnigale are two of these which is a shame as they're genuine, hard working people who I used to converse with regularly... so when/how did it stop? No clue! Onto the ladies-Lady Diania, C.O.E. of Music Media Management and Zeena Banks- award winning Dancehall artist, both good friends who I saw a lot of but now we rarely cross paths however Zeena & I did have a great time at her recent Birthday picnic- pick up the phone now Jaz!

Zeena Banks- Warrior Goddess & winner of  'A song For Jamaica 2017'
On the non-music front my very good friend Margot moved to Australia a few years back- I have no idea how come we don't speak but I guess things just happen! I do miss her and hope all's good in her world. Maybe we'll meet again- Sydney awaits!

Missed seeing David & crew recently due to a prior engagement- but soon soon!
Thinking aloud- some of this is due to location now that I have moved into a less accessible area just outside London and don't have a car; which highlights a key fact- friendships require effort and energy. I guess that when we lose sight of this it is easy for friendships to drift.

Artists Tim Stocks & Oliver Yu Chna

How come this happens? We tend to focus energy where it is needed, business and personal, so other areas of our lives can be neglected inadvertently. Life moves on therefore some people we lose whilst others come into our lives- a very necessary cycle, particularly when we wish to expand our minds, abilities and experiences.

Talking business with Sire, Mic and Kenan who took the pic!
These totally awesome guys are part of my new 'family,'  being a caring, supportive bunch of business people- thrilled the universe has presented this outstanding opportunity where I'm in the midst of amazingly driven guys. This has awakened me to a truth- I am also totally driven because we attract who we are. Everybody pictured today is 100% energy and set on achieving their goals. Take a close look- Diania's new logo is shown above and her website is coming soon! Zeena works consistently hard to keep building her status, as does Reggae singer Michael Arkk (below); Michael is brother to Mozez (Zero) who founded Numen Records. Michael has a new song, 'Come Over Tonight' out on Soundcloud now.  Tim and Oliver are highly talented artists who I have known for a few years and both aspire to fame. Now to David who was the chef at my workplace. David has phenomenal charisma and makes a name for himself wherever he goes and last time we spoke a couple of years back was starting his own business.

Currently I'm fired up as my new venture gives people such power over their own lives- very exciting! Whilst being totally focused I am determined to nurture and maintain friendships.  I really desire for my good friends and other totally committed people to have a shot at this opportunity by finding out more as anyone can fit this into their lifestyle- message me on Facebook. to find out more! Thanks to this opportunity I now know I'll finally get to meet the good friends I've known since the Myspace days of 2007. The online world has changed my life totally. Michael, pictured here with Zeena, was the first online friend I actually met and we are good friends today- in fact Michael and I went to an awesome event recently in association with the new venture.

Add caption
Being a people person I want to ensure that the people I value stay close. Now that my head is clear I'm doing a much better job of it! At this time in my life I 'm finally able to dream 'Real' so can confidently say that I will achieve my goals and meet the people who are important to me. America awaits- actually I went to NY a few years back and met Cheri, Myspace friend- just a long weekend but WOW was that exciting!

 There are many people who have inspired me deeply since 2007. My key people are Gypsy, a wicked guitarist from NY and Najashi from LA, whose band is called Dread Daze. Dread Daze play a mix of genres and I blogged their video 'Protection' previously. Interestingly we go full circle now as Patrick recorded me reciting my poem 'Peace In,' based on Najashi's constant blessing. I would have  liked to meet Gypsy last time in NY but the timing was imperfect. He is phenomenal and has made tremendous strides in his journey, particularly since recording this video which is one of the best and extremely individual motivational speeches around. Gypsy- Occupy your own space!

The universe is such that Patrick just called! I have literally joined the dots and realised the he and Errol Kennedy (Imagination) whose bio I wrote recentyly were co-embers of successful band Midnight Express! What a small world this is as I met Errol through my very good friend Macky McPherson, C.E.O. of Urban Delight Ent. and have been to a couple of events with him.

Life is just amazing. I can't believe that amongst my friends I have friends who make music that truly impacts the world. Friends who are actors, artist, poets,. It's mind blowing stuff.  Funnily enough everyone on here except David came into my life via internet connections.So thank you universe- Do you know just how awesome this feels!!!

Jaz McKenzie~ The Word Magician

Friday, 11 May 2018

WHO ARE YOU? The power of conditioning!

Okay- like the joke and it got me thinking. Conditioning is something we are born into which wraps itself around us like invisible thread. My first reaction to the word conditioning is negative. It makes me think of the way society conditions us, beginning with family and cultural traits, religions, advertising, news- in fact, basically we're like products who are in receipt of other people's conditions 24/7.

Some of this is excellent. We acquire emotional, social and intellectual blueprints, many of which serve us well, and whilst we are still children we benefit from having guidance and boundaries. Once we mature however the things we have always believed may no longer be of benefit and sometimes having been bound so tightly by expectations, we create paths in life that do not suit us.

Let's consider this fun picture. Yes it made me laugh and is a brilliant commercial product no doubt. However in this age of independent women there are many ways you can look at this! On a serious note, women are generally nurtured to one set of expectations and men to another. This nurturing ensures we see the world and our future in a very particular way from a young age, These perceptions will change with each generation as society is constantly evolving, therefore family structure has come a long way from married opposite sex parents with 2.4 children to a whole range of different combinations. Part of becoming an adult for all us is to challenge our thinking and those with true insight realise that the past cannot dictate the future. We have the power to break free from the conditions that have dominated our lives and become the person we wish to be. This power relies on practice and means that we need to recondition ourselves, change our thinking, change our self-perception, change out habits, change our expectations and stop being hard on ourselves during each new learning process. When we are kind to ourselves and focus on being happy we will be able to work at the process more easily and create good results.

If there's something within yourself or in your life that you really don't like, change it. If you want a new home, travel, different type of lifestyle- change it. You really do have that ability and there are endless resources from motivational material to education, even functions that help you expand your mind. When you have some aims you will find you meet people who are thinking in a similar way and that is one of the keys to success. Yes there will be sacrifices, things that fall away but remember, you can be bound to mediocrity or bound for success!

Jaz McKenzie ~ The Word Magician

Sunday, 6 May 2018

New Cross Art Exhibition Reviewed as a poem- 'Echoes Of Justice'

Annick Chevassu- spot the lady by the bin!

Last week I attended an art exhibition at New Cross Police Station, displaying the talents of sculpture students attending the Camberwell College of Arts and I had no prior knowledge that this was the venue. It was quite a creepy environment, especially the darkly illuminated cell when Oliver, who invited me, decided to close the door! Standing on your own in one of these cells when you're mildly claustrophobic might be termed therapy but is not recommended. Shudder! Apparently the police station ceased functioning around 20 years ago and would be a brilliant set for a short movie.

I can't say I understood the art however I found it intriguing. I was told that the exhibition was very much a group project where ideas were shared and the works were created collaboratively.

Participants: Fungai Benhura, Annick Chevassu, Rose Creasey, Chaz Kimble, Sondos Mahdy, Anastasia Meredith-Goujon, Afonso Guimaraes, Theo Tzannetakis.

Oliver Yu Chan 

It is right that the past bridges the future.
Echoes of criminal intent, of actions
Imprinted vibrationally within cell walls
New Cross Police Station, shut forever
Slayed by societies financial dictate
No doubt over-riding local necessity
By the powers that be and always will be

New life in old walls- vibrant personalities
Minds meeting collectively and creatively
Expressing themselves, channeling through art
Sculpting their ideas into pre-sized boxes!
Whoever would have thought they were fit for purpose?
Collaboratively fused and beautifully blended
Expressions created, responses evoked

The power of enforcement stretched and twisted
Into modern day concepts viewed here and now
Florescent notes peeping, sounds blaring, screen rolling
Whilst an ancient Asian lady, as perceived by my eyes,
Waves her spell beneath heavily weighted clouds
Casting her magical powers to infuse new life
Into a can of skulls, restoring faith in our future

Jaz McKenzie 2018 © ~ The Word Magician

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Poet In The City: Abraham Gibson - Nancy

I met Abraham Gibson at THE WAVE CAFE over a month ago where he performed a poem that he had written for the groups amazing project which successfully embraces people with additional needs as a valued part of the community. WAVE= We Are Valued Equally. While speaking about the success of the evening, Abraham told me that he performs poetry around Europe, so naturally I went straight to Youtube when I reached home and discovered this diamond of a poem.

Abraham is highly talented and presents his work beautifully. I love the delicacy of the subject that is literally hammered home with a passion! Subtitled 'Black and White Love,' there is no mistaking the bonds that shackle these two highly colourful salt of the earth friends together. With loyalty and integrity  these women are happy to face the wrath of anyone who dares cross their personal boundaries. Nancy is having none of it when Riva is subjected to racist behaviour during her hospital stay and she literally went into warrior mode; which must have taken people by storm as racism was clearly embedded within society and especially public institutions therefore people would not have expected Nancy to react in that way.

What is interesting about the structure of Nancy and Riva is that Nancy seems to be the predominant characterso you wonder where the friendship sprang from. We do not discover until the end of the poem that Riva approached and supported Nancy during the 'worst winter of her life.' It is what is not said that speaks as clearly as the words. Riva is the observer, she is strong, comfortable to be around and sarcasm will roll off her like water off a duck's back because she sees beyond the obvious. Riva probably came to the UK on a promise and found the reality not just disappointing but totally shocking. It may have taken a great deal of courage for her to knock on Nancy's door, but I imagine Nancy had lost her husband and Riva would have been aware of this therefore her humanity overcame fear. They may well have passed each other occasionally however there may well have been some naturally scepticism about one another and they may well have remained virtual strangers for many years.

The background information is critical to the piece. You can feel how saddened Nancy has become with the demise of the estate where she has lived for 55 years. Despite the druggies and pitbulls these two ladies clearly worked at maintaining there dignity and see themselves as a few steps removed from their neighbours. Abraham's storytelling, character portrayals and especially the interactions between Nancy and Riva are gripping yet whilst the humour flows we are left with a feeling of underlying sadness. Who will miss Nancy and Riva? What will happen in the long term to tenants of the estate? And how can racism and other crimes ever be tackled successfully in a world full of closed minds and ever dwindling resources? I have replayed this so many times now and it is a poem that lends itself to debate- maybe it should be in the school literature curriculum!

Jaz McKenzie~The Word Magician

Friday, 23 March 2018

Are you stuck in a groove? Then open your mind!

There is one saying that is true to the core- if you keep doing the same thing you get the same result!

Now, I started blogging in 2007 on Myspace just for the fun of it- and daaaaam was it fun. When I started Its Braap I changed the plot and semi-censored what I blogged about in order to fit the positive/inspirational mode. Gone are the days of commenting on anything and everything from public toilets to T-Shirt slogans; which was my true natural impulse. Whilst enjoying blogging and having grand thoughts about websites, competitions and affiliations I have not got round to turning it into a business. Hence it's still a hobby!

Writing is very time consuming when you undertake it seriously, especially preparing bio's and even reviews. You have to make sure your facts are correct and descriptions, clear. This mean that it takes a huge amount of work to generate a very minimal income- not the best use of time and I certainly can't match my working income!

Having been involved quite closely with Facebook friends' ventures over the years I have come to appreciate a wide variety of different genres, music, acting. art; all of which were my original interests. It's a fantastic natural education and one I will continue. I have come to realise how hard people struggle to support their passion, often with limited success. This parallels with my experience and it is something I'm in the process of addressing.

It's so easy to keep up our hopes and do the same thing, but if we don't make changes we will become stale, therefore I have taken the plunge into new areas which are pretty time consuming, so I find myself posting less often than previously and have decided to keep it that way. Sometimes we need to diversify so I am working with Linking UK. This is a company with a vision and currently I'm busy writing directory listings so the site has content prior to creating videos- a blank site is a dead site! Once that's done it will be far less demanding on my time and we will be able to recommence filming episodes of 'Snap London'- and work on project #2!

I love keeping a strong positive vibe. Having attended many different types of motivational events over the years I have decided to throw myself into- something completely new about which I know nothing, and re-invigorate the brain cells. I'm not speaking about it quite yet, obviously my knowledge is currently miniscule- I feel like a 5 year old learning my twelve times table! But it doesn't matter. The more we immerse ourselves in an experience the more we learn and eventually benefit. I genuinely believe that this is an excellent opportunity to expand in many ways- knowledge, travel, finance and self -fulfilment.

What I would say to you is what do you need to do to progress? Ask God/universe to point you in the right direction. Funnily enough my Son's are the springboard to my future. I'm wise enough to learn from them- I believe they are more in touch with current business trends than me so their motivation has become my inspiration, and to be honest, I like it that way.

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