Friday, 22 September 2017

Quotes To Inspire! - Shakespeare

'To be or not to be- That is the question!'~ William Shakespeare

Such a wonderful popular Shakespearean quote that is set to challenge- which is partly why it stands out. So many quotes effectively reassure us that life will get better if we try, we can be what we want to be, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst true, they are generally an answer to your question or current situation, especially when times are bleak.

These words inspire in a totally different way. I also like the fact that they can be used over and over in the course of a day if applied to our thoughts-

  • To be nice or to be nasty! Do you really need to say what you think or can it be upgraded to constructive criticism?
  • To be positive or negative? Without acknowledging this question we may inadvertently remain in the negative rather too long!
  • To be considerate or selfish note selfish; after all being inconsiderate is selfish! Attractive as selfishness might appear, consideration makes you more attractive to others and life is ultimately smoother.
  • To be boastful or humble? This might seem more of a personality trait however you can take charge of your natural inclinations. If you under value yourself, speak up a little more- if you have too much to say, leave room for others to speak and let them take credit where it's due.
These are small examples- large examples relate to lifestyle- to become... a husband or wife... the owner of a flashy car... a company director- or even swapping around from successful corporate business woman to sole trader starting out a new venture. Major life changes are the ultimate, 'To Be.'

Conclusions: I believe that this statement really is a foundation stone in all our lives which we should dust off and use rather than saving it for special occasions!

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Imagine Dragons - Believer

It's a long time since we've considered a very popular commercial song however this song has a powerful feel and message. There are many songs that encourage us to strive and achieve but I like the way 'Believer' is sourced in pain and has a slightly different feeling of victory. It states its points number by number whilst personal power reigns- exactly as it should.

'Second thing 
Second, don't you tell me what you think that I can be
I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea, oh ooh
The master of my sea, oh ooh...'

We so often feel 'all at sea' and mastery of our own waves is a must. Life is tempestuous. Just as we taste victory another wave comes straight at us and knocks us over. This is what life is- one area sorted and another challenge appears. Most of us require support and advice- in this song it's not clear who the 'you made me a believer' is, however there's a part of ourselves that we can can rely on in every situation- the key is developing self trust. The greatest belief we can ever have is within ourselves and the more we follow our instincts the greater that belief becomes. Time to sail your ship across the seas and really understand the power of the message.  In my opinion this is a truly great song.

Jaz McKenzie

Friday, 8 September 2017

It's an Open Secret~ A poem about us all!

We are like stars in the eyes of the universe
Where all that is seen is the beauty of each soul.
An array of unique identities expanded over centuries.
Human form after human form discarded
Its purpose served, our soul returning to fullness of glory,
All recognisable earthly traits eradicated.
No male or female, rich or poor, able and less able.
A quality of existence rooted in, ‘I AM,’ flexed
In the time between worlds where wisdom is at its peak,
A place where knowledge of self cannot be surpassed!
This secret is an open secret shared within the divinity
Existing in one spirit through which all souls connect.
Unity dictates; ultimately we can only be as one.

We desired this earthly experience and opted in
To practice the fullness of all we are and all we know.
But life gets in the way and most of us start on a go-slow,
Programmed by the dictates within our culture-
A blessing and a vulture that strips us of identity
So re-finding our passions and values becomes a necessity
But isn’t self-discovery the ultimate joy?
We question because we’re free- ‘Who am I? What is my purpose?’
You were born knowing the answers that time may reveal.
Every experience perfectly matched to your expectations
Whether you have universal awareness or instinctively create
The law is the law and obeys itself on every level
So journey to the centre of yourself and mirror your truths.

Jaz McKenzie ©2017

 I have become a huge believer in the law of attraction which works for everyone regardless of Religion, awareness or even lack of awareness! When we believe something strongly enough be it positive or negative, it has to happen. However you view yourself in relation to others is personal choice because God/the universe really does not differentiate. We come from the same place and we return to the same place. Unlike many people, I am not a believer in heaven or hell- you can find them here and create them yourself, so I think it best to use your focus with a view to improving your life.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Celebration Time~ 10 Years of 'Thornton Heath Festival!'

I was invited along to this wonderful festival to see the band Skillofski playing live- in fact, it's my first experience of the band having only just met Skilly. It is also a brilliant example of how the universe works- in more ways than one. As most of you know, I usually blog about the merits of the actual festival however, thanks to inspiration received through Leah McKenzie, Face of Croydon and successful XFactor contestant, I have decided to dig deep!

Leah McKenzie- Face of Croydon
Thornton Heath Festival is celebrating a decade's worth of excellent community vibrations- I say that because you really can feel the vibration of a great festival, and this stems from the point at which a festival is conceived, the point of passion and expectation. I have known people who wish to create their own festivals and as an individual this appears to be an almost impossible task; you really need a great deal of recognition before you can attempt this, spot a gap in the market- or have such a unique idea it captures the imagination! When a council agrees to host a festival this does not guarantee instant success; everyone has to work extremely hard to create a great event that will build momentum over the years.

Thornton Heath Festival is a real community event that showcases local talent; something stressed throughout by the Master of Ceremonies and endorsed by Leah who embraces 'people power' and the need to 'do things ourselves.' This festival is organised by a committee of volunteers who have individual areas of responsibility- it is not all fun and games, serious issues such as security, health and safety, even licencing must be in place before a festival can go ahead, so when we enjoy an event we should give thanks for the people behind the scenes, in this case Chairman Tony Rowland and his Committee.

Aim High Dance Academy

Salsa Naturally
The community element was extremely powerful, particularly where the stage was concerned. The level of audience participation went way beyond anything I have ever experienced. I was there between 1.30-5pm so missed a couple of hours; sadly that included headline act Triniboi Joocie, National Soca Champion, however I was entertained by some pretty phenomenal fun. I enjoyed 'Aim High Dance Academy,' displaying their skills first before encouraging children to join them on the stage to dance to pop songs- shame my 4 year old Granddaughter wasn't there as she knows them all! The Academy holds classes for children and young adults across South London- these guys clearly love what they do. 'Salsa Naturally,' was all about participation and gave people a chance to 'be the vibe' with many happy participants!

Flagz Mas Band- Juniors
People were also introduced to the joyful Flagz Mas Band who showed us a couple of this years routines- the children were very impressive and clearly take themselves seriously- great to see so much dedication in very young people. If you would like to take part in next year's Notting Hill Carnival and other band engagements, check them out. Each band at carnival works to a theme and this year Flagz Mas Band was all about 'The Next Chapter,' speaks volumes! Music time- Skillofski sang a few interesting songs on different rhythms and encouraged the audience to join in with, 'Great Big Smile.' This morphed from Rock ballad style into Reggae and went down a storm, encouraging people to be happy and look on the bright side of life. Another act that drew a huge crowd were dancers New Image Duo- well, who can resist a little Michael Jackson with a modern twist, especially when it's spot on?


New Image Duo
Naturally elements such as stalls, fairground attractions etc were part of the celebration and hugely successful; definitely well received however, I'm returning to Leah McKenzie. Leah became a household name thanks to the X-Factor and is forging her own way, channeling her interests, personal philosophy and ideas into solid products and projects. She is a singer/songwriter and besides performing cover versions of popular songs she sang a couple of her original songs- 'Change'- Loved the lyrics and we all experience change and relate to this.Leah also sang 'One Love'- yes, a Reggae song with a British accent- fantastic. I love her versatility as much as her messages and am pleased to announce, Leah granted me an interview which will be shared in the next couple of weeks. I am excited by Leah's role and believe a great deal of good will be born from her association with Croydon council. Join me in watching that space and I hope to be in a position to update you from time to time,courtesy of her management.

Flagz Mas Band- Adult 
I believe Thornton Heath Festival was a huge success and there truly is a great deal of talent in the borough. This is what makes this festival so different from Lambeth County Show which attracts big acts, often from overseas, and has a huge area enabling them to host a huge variety of events. There are very real benefits to the Thornton Heath Festival which includes the promotion of local business and talent, equally the opportunity for locals to discover talent that appeals to them and it even  gives people a chance to mingle with the entertainers!

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Quotes to Inspire- 'Procrastination' from Abraham Hicks

‘Procrastination is the wisdom to not try to force something you are not vibrationally ready for,’~
Abraham Hicks

Procrastination is something we regard as negative. In fact, when we procrastinate we very often label ourselves ‘lazy.’ The reality is that laziness is far from the truth and in most cases has nothing to do with the situation.

The Abraham’s are saying (a group of spirits who speak through Esther Hicks) that everything happens according to your vibration, therefore if you are not ready for something procrastination is your subconscious response.

Very often we procrastinate through fear and that fear may be connected to a lack of knowledge. The times we move on projects are when we are enthused and can feel all the pieces falling into place. At these times we discover solutions to our ‘fear.’ We might meet the person who has the knowledge to help us, or we are given an opportunity to help us move forwards.

If you find yourself procrastinating it is worthwhile asking, 'why?' If you don’t find the answer, you might do best to leave it- it will come to you later. If you need a certain resource, ask for it and when the time is right it will appear. Above all, revel in the knowledge that universal timing is everything.

Supposing you ask for wealth and you have an action in mind to create that wealth. If something stops you taking it ask yourself, ‘How do I really feel about money? Do I have the ability to handle large sums of money? Would I feel confident hiring an accountant or brokers to help with investments?’ These are fundamental to being happy with money and once you work through these question and feel at ease with them you will find the motivation to move ahead. We so often know what we would do if we won millions but the reality is it’s hard to be happy with something you don’t have experience of, hence many people blow their millions and return to their comfort zone.

Procrastination can occur because you have several different ideas in opposing directions and are not sure which to run with. Time will clarify. Besides a little clarity regarding the ideas, you may need to develop other traits such as self-worth, self confidence or specific skills before you can proceed.

Finally it’s worth treating procrastination as your friend because it can help you to avoid costly mistakes- financial and personality wise. I have procrastinated a great deal over the years, usually with the knowledge that I am not yet competent. I used to feel badly about procrastinating but now I accept it as a sign, understanding that the joy of procrastination lies in the knowledge that when things come to fruition I will be able to understand life’s timing. I believe this to be a good approach and something it's worth your while considering.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Quotes To Inspire- series re-launch

'Sharing Quotes is a well known way to share inspiration'~ Jaz McKenzie

Sharing quotes has become extremely popular across all social networks. Bearing this in mind we will be re-launching the series ‘Be Braap~Be Inspired,’ under the simple title, 'Quotes To Inspire.'

I ran the original series a few years ago on a simple principle, taking a well or little known saying and expanding the theme. Most of the time I prefer to work with a positive expression however negative is needed occasionally to counter-balance as nothing can be entirely positive; and sometimes understanding a negative opens the way forwards. Note, I said ‘understanding’ and not ‘focusing’ on negatives.

Positive sayings give us a straightforward message and occasionally expressions can be a little quirky which really encourage us to think hard. Some expressions we know really well so it is good to see them in a new light as re-visiting the familiar may create greater impact. Different expressions will affect us during specific periods in our lives and if something you read really speaks to you that is the time to act on it.

Both positives and negatives can help us identify characteristics in ourselves that need a little love and attention. If you feel an emotional stirring when focusing on something, stop and follow your feelings then and there. This allows you to open your mind and seek solutions.

Sometimes our greatest inspiration and guidance comes from others, even when taking our inner selves into consideration; internally we mull over new ideas and these inspire our own thoughts and actions. Speech and communication are essential aids to daily living as positive words so often provide the boost we need that gives us an incentive to aspire to new and greater things. So let’s continue to share words of wisdom and encourage one another to push on through!

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Passion Fruit- That's what we are!! Develop your passions in life

We're full of passion bt how many of us bring it to fruition?

I’ve written quite a bit about passion today as my stream of thought has flowed rapidly. That’s because I followed my passion and started posting, ignoring the lesser need to sleep.
Have you noticed how, when you are tired, if your brain is busy you simply cannot sleep? It can be busy in a positive or negative way – whichever, your thoughts will be driven by something you feel passionately about. This can included any sort of project or relationship whether it’s an exciting announcement, moving house or an inspired idea. I am focusing on the latter.

What is passion?
It is the stirring of emotions which stem from ideas creating desires. Example- You might get the idea that you would like to write a book. This triggers the desire and ideas about the storyline will flow. You become more passionate, jot things down, plan, outline or simply write the book as you feel led. Of course passion is not a solid entity; it’s something we need to feed. Your passion might only last long enough to write two pages, however if you keep thinking about it and working when you can the book will finally emerge. One thing I do know, passions of this type might lie dormant but they never die if they are not fulfilled.

The City of London- a hub of inspiration!

What interferes with passion?
The first obvious reason is lack of spontaneity- when we set something aside with the intention of working on it later. Classically, I can get up in the morning ideas blazing but interrupt this with breakfast or meditation. Yes we need to meditate but shouldn’t cut off creativity in order to do so- a simple mistake really but the key is to follow our intuition. ‘Go with the flow,’ is a popular phrase for a reason, it creates the best result and brings satisfaction. If you have an idea and interrupt it, you risk losing it.

Self doubt can interfere with passion. We have the idea but can’t believe we have the ability to see it through. What, little old me thought of that? I don’t have the money, skills, knowledge for this to amount to anything. Well, if that’s your attitude guaranteed the idea will be plucked from you and given to someone else. I think lots of people have the same idea around the same time and it’s the courageous determined people who will bring it to fruition and be successful.

Feelings of being overwhelmed can block passion. You can start a project and something happens in life that consumes you. Drastic life changes are a classic, simply knowing that so many things need to be done can make you feel inadequate. Illness will have the same effect and another common interference is passion itself. Passion can be a hard taskmaster. Projects become complex beyond our initial conception. Sometimes people cannot are overly motivated and cannot stop working, resulting in sleep deprivation. What actually happens to some people is that they are inspired but involved in a complex project. It cannot be done quickly however their desire is to complete it. This results in them becoming so overwhelmed that they immerse themselves in their passion dissolving all routines as their brain goes into overdrive. Physical health and quality of work will become affected so if that starts to happen you will need to force yourself into a workable routine allowing sufficient sleep, exercise and even food! People have died at their computers- do you remember World of Warcraft Syndrome years back when addicts wouldn’t even get up and go to the toilet; so beware of project addiction- a healthy drive is sufficient.

Allowing yourself to take second place. This is very common. So many of us are in the habit of serving others and we fail to serve ourselves. If you’re always doing favours for people, reconsider. Make space for your projects and fit others around them. Sometimes our ‘favours’ simply advance other people and allow them to indulge in a degree of laziness or free up their time to excel.'Instead of sharing your post, I could be sharing mine'- if we spend a few minutes sharing each others’ posts our time becomes mutually beneficial by increasing the range of both projects.

Fear interferes with passion. We are probably living in some sort of comfort zone which will need to be extended if our passions result in a blaze of success. If your book is published you may need to organise a book launch, advertise your product, make financial investments. You could be plunged into the public eye and experience huge financial success that you are unprepared for! In my case I’m not sure how to publish and have sat on, 'Piranha in the Goldfish Bowl,' my poetry book, for a few years- now is the time though so the book will be published. Overcoming fear is a personal thing and comes with practice. This might sound strange but it’s true. My advice; try to overcome little things and work towards bigger things.

The last thing I want to comment on is other people’s input. Other people will have plenty to say about your passion. Family and friends either believe in it or have genuine reasons for not doing so. A few may be jealous but pay them no mind. If you are really passionate you will attract supporters. Learning who to share ideas with is key to avoiding demoralizing feelings. Find time for your passion and keep working at it- you just don’t know when it will yield results.

Consideration: Most projects take time to develop which helps us harness new skills, beneficial friendships, make a few mistakes and ultimately jump our fair share of hurdles. Projects are ongoing until they conclude. Some are in a time frame and others become our life work. Even projects in time frames tend to lead on to new projects. Passion is part of our nature and essential to feelings of fulfilment. Without passion you will not complete your purpose.

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