Friday, 21 July 2017

Cassandra London - Magic Touch [Official Video 2017]

The Magic Touch- Something that is definitely key to Cassandra London's musical talent! Cassandra has the knack of creating songs people will easily relate to and I have drawn great inspiration from her music, especially, 'Just Cool.'

' Magic Touch,' is a very different type of song, being upbeat and joyful, easy to join in with and relishing in the clever use of a popular, catchy phrase, 'Let your fingers do the walking.' I really like this modern take on Reggae that is without doubt commercially viable.

Last words- Lovey Dovey couples~ This is your song!

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Conceive and believe so you truly achieve
The wonders that lurk in your subconscious mind
Beneath the ripples of thought and you will find
That gradually as all thoughts drift away
They'll pop to the surface, so you can say
'That's a great idea, an incredible dream
But right now it seems beyond all imagining,
So complex, too huge and far out of sight
But I must find a way to prove myself right
However long and whatever it takes
I'll learn all the moves I need to make
And the road might be lonely, the cost very high
But my rocket will shoot beyond the sky
Because my spirit knows no bounds
And universal force is all around
I will achieve, just watch my fly
I'll cross bridges of doubt as I buy
Into the truth of my ultimate dream
Keep believing and accomplish everything
And as you tick the boxes, open more
For you never know quite what's in store!

Jaz McKenzie 2017 ~ The Word Magician

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Summer is here~Southend Green Festival Vibes speak!

We got it going on!!!

Southend Green Festival last Sunday was an absolute blast! Yes we were under the threat of grey clouds for part of the time but fortunately the good weather held, making it a perfect day for this type of event. Have to say, I just loved the whole vibe of this festival which has a real holiday feel about it, giving you more than the average Sunday afternoon bliss.

With the stage at the bottom of the green nearest to the open road, and many interesting stalls effectively creating a buzzing street market stretching to the station and beyond, there was plenty to occupy curious shoppers and passing cars, many of whom wound down their windows catching a fleeting summer beat.

Food and drink represented London's international flavour from different cuisines to modern trends- let's speak cake- oh yes, delicious red velvet cake which gained Lady Diania of Music Media Management's approval as did this spectacular silver necklace- not much gets past Lady D!
Lady D modelling the star item from above pic
As with all good events, children were well entertained enjoying the modern day phenomena, face painting, and having access to a little fun fair which I'm sure was a blessing for all parents! Animal lovers had the pleasure of a dog show- sadly I missed it so am left with memories of Kaos, the family Mastiff/Rotweiler cross, and Dolce it's predecessor- now that's another story but I'll dig out the dog poem for you...

The festival was a real community event organised by Southend Green Association with the help of local venue, The Fiddler's Elbow who supplied excellent musicians and sponsored the musical aspect of these proceedings. I was fortunate to be invited by Kareem Shabazz and we arrived during a blues set, 'The Experience Makers,' I really enjoyed the little I heard of them- wish I'd heard the whole set and judging from the programme  some excellent acts had already performed- 'Hats off Gentlemen It's Adequate,' who are a multi-rock genre band, 'John Etheridge & Vimala Rowe,' now we're speaking serious jazz and guitar; and also the cleverly named 'The AutistiX,' a very unique rock band. Links are all in place so you can check the bands out yourselves.

Moving on, 'The Fabulous Micky C & The Wasted Playboys, had a very individual feel bringing a real mix of music- most entertaining and almost defying description! Good job guys and great fun!

The Beautiful Game
Taking a serious turn, we switched to indie rock and enjoyed a pretty amazing set from 'The Beautiful Game.' My first thought was- what's up with the lead singer? His voice was a little weak but that didn't last long and by the second and third track he (I'm guessing Steven Foxley,) was in full swing. Afterwards we were informed that he was standing in for the band's lead vocalist, Jason Crowley who had been unable to attend. Regardless, I was very impressed by the energy flowing through their music and if Jason has great stage presence and charisma, this is truly a band to be reckoned with. The Beautiful Game did an amazing job,100% energy flowing through their Indie Rock and I was pleased to see a few fans dancing and singing along.

Headline Time- Kareem Shabazz and the Ryddim Kings who blew the crowd away! 

I absolutely love this popular band who create Reggae music from a fusion of musical backgrounds. Kareem has an amazing quality to his voice and you can read more about their live performance here; Previous Review- Live*on Fire! The band got into its flow from the minute they hit the stage so it wasn't long before the crowd welled up around them, joining in- dancing, clapping. Kareem really surprised us when, speaking of love in a general context, he unexpectedly gave us his rendition of Marvin Gay's 'Sexual Healing.' Even took me by surprise! This went down a storm as did Clinton 'Rock' Jones outstanding guitar solo- I believe heaven really is on earth as I felt every note! Clinton ended with a typical rockers melt down and smashed the cymbals with his guitar.

Kareem went on to introduce all his band members who did a terrific job throughout, entertaining us with their solo's. He then invited DJ Sparky Rugged to join them during the band's last song 'Way Dem Ah Gwan,'(from their current album Born on the Streets.) Sparky, the epitome of cool, smashed the crowd with his confident delivery and pertinent timely lyrics that included tributes to well known recording artists and people in attendance- King Tubby's, G Star, and Music Media Management who, with Robert Rex, have a fierce reputation as promoters.

Finally, an event isn't an event without the all important Master of Ceremonies, in this case actor and lover of the arts, Mr Steve Bowyer. The festival was so successful the audience were left begging for more! It really was a fabulous event and great memory maker- you can see from the final pic just how much fun we had!

King Tubby, Lady D, Me, G Star
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For Dolce... Amazement! (Puppy Love)

Before we acquired a puppy of our own, my Son begged me to look after his friend's pit bull terrier for the weekend. This poem tells all!

(Puppy Love)

Soooo Dolce...cute little puppy... a pit bull at that!
Tell me... 'How did you manage it?'
How did you manage to reach out with that paw
And claw your way through the sign
Across my heart that said
'Dogs are okay but they're not allowed here?'

2 days... 6 days... 2 and a half weeks!
But all it really took
Was that first little look!
You were so sweet cupped in the arms
of my strapping great lad.
Nose twitching with curiosity
Eyes so bright, connecting with mine
Tongue flickering across my hand as I stroked your neck


Jaz McKenzie 2008

I don't like to think of Dolce now due to the fact she was bred too early and when I saw her again some months later she was so thin it broke my heart. Young lads owning dogs they are unable to care for is yet another of society's issues, so please, think carefully when taking a pet on. We ended up with Kaos- a somewhat larger dog, but at least she wasn't ill treated- just walked at strange times by my teenage son!

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

How do you appear to others?

This is a very intriguing picture, a challenge- and boy do we like a challenge! So I'm going to challenge you further!

We have a whole range of looks and there are many amongst these faces; serenity, happiness and degrees of darkness, light and shade; all of which form our personalities. Interestingly, we often speak about ourselves as having a public and private face, referring to our overall demeanor, but there is also a difference between how we look and how we imagine we look! Being aware of yourself and how things affect you, follwoed by how we express this is a key skill that we neglect far too often, so let's challenge ourselves!

To create awareness of inner emotion and external reflection. 

Our faces so often show our feelings so it is good to know how we look to the external world. It is good to create an enhanced awareness of how people react to you. Instead of just talking, tune into people's receptivity. Are they chatting comfortably with you or do they seem reserved, on edge, bored? Look at how you're looked at! This is not direct mirroring but it is certainly a reflection of interaction. People's expressions during conversation may be a response to the way you are looking at them. You could be in a bad mood and have lightened up your speech but not your face! It's easy to do if you are feeling impatient or upset yourself, so it's worth checking in with your emotions and making a concerted effort to change your expression before relaying information to others. There's a very common phrase that comes to mind, especially when dealing with children- as my son says to his eldest, 'fix your face!'

Sometimes we can be so focused on thought that we drift from conversation and may look distant; this can be deemed rude by other people. If you don't feel like contributing, excuse yourself. If at work, you are paid to do a job and throughout your working day mental attention is mandatory. It's no good looking miserable at work or in similar situations, this brings the team down. Take a couple of minutes where possible to pull yourself back together, after all, your problems are not other people's concern and they deserve the best of you. Even if your work colleagues are your best friends they need a break, so discuss things outside working hours.

It is very easy to pull faces without realising it. Shock is an automatic look as is anger in the first instance. When you feel an emotion, let your mind take over for a second and correct your expression. This takes practice but will assist you in many situations, especially job interviews! Example- Okay, that's a tough question but I'm going to continue smiling while I gather my thoughts- done it many times.

There are people we have all the time in the world for and others we can't stand! Truth. Never allow your feelings to enable disrespect, even if you feel you have reason to do so. If people think differently to you that's fine, even if their argument makes no sense to you. Be courteous and listen to other people's points of view. If you don't you will probably look impatient and as if you're just waiting for your chance to get a word in.

Facial expressions are an important part of our body language and very often we read them automatically, hence our reactions to others, so it is good to know how we come across and whether our expressions are appropriate. There are times when we have no idea how we look. I read in a fictional story about a woman who was smitten with a guy and as she approached him, before he saw her, she saw him looking annoyed and checking his watch. Something in his expression told her she had misjudged him, so you took a cab home! There's a lot to that so think about it.

I'm going to round this off quickly by saying, getting to know yourself is an important, on-going process so it is wise to understand your expressions, after all, your public face speaks volumes!

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dancehall Lovers- Macini Hits Spain this Friday!

Sharing a recent Facebook update:

'Popular Dancehall/Reggae artist Macini is thrilled to announce that he’ll be performing again in Europe on Friday 23rd June. You’ll find him pumping up the party vibes at Sin’s Villa Pool Party, Cala Tarida, Sant Josep- perfect for Ibiza. ‘Man A General,’ as he’s become known since first performing his song in Gambia where he thrilled an audience of over 20,000 at the NationalStadium, has found his career spiralling upwards. Macini was invited to Germany off the back of this song, and Shaggy was so impressed when Macini sang it at Shaggy’s single release party where Stylo G also performed last year, that he called him back on stage and shook his hand! More recently Macini has blown people away with ‘Bad Gal,’ a song for the ladies, receiving airplay worldwide which has resulted in countless interviews and invitations for live performances including the Pool Party. Macini’s next interview is ‘the biggie’ on Jamaican Station ‘Nightly Fix’ at 3pm Jamaican time, Tuesday 13th June; so catch it if you can! Make sure to link with Macini on your social network sites for more updates.' 

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Reality TV- Are we doing our kids a favour?

The world of reality TV has opened new doors- but what do you want for your child? To dream about being on TV and becoming a celebrity or would you prefer them to understand that there's more to life? This is a one of the challenges facing today's parents.

Progress is and was and ever will be. Children used to be children but now they're frequently mini-me's due largely to media influence across the board; but following on from fashion, a new phase has swept nations worldwide to influence us- it's called reality TV.

Reality TV has become so popular it's taking over more than the airwaves, it's actually programming our minds. Top of the list are the talent contests which have gained incredible momentum, giving people their 5 minutes of fame and possibly a great career. Having proved hugely successful, The Voice is now running a children's talent contest. Is this simply ITV capitalising on our hunger for talent and love of child performers or do the producers genuinely want to offer youngsters an opportunity? That's the first debate- the second is; are these programmes of real value to children?

In some ways society seems to embrace talent above and beyond other more basic values. To be a star is a common dream and always has been, but today there are many more avenues to fame, so all children have to do is keep dreaming and keep practicing! Many youngsters have grown up in the talent show era and the only thing they have ever wanted to do is get on the Xfactor or similar. It could be deemed sad given that the vast majority will not make it beyond the auditions, however ambition is a better choice than lack of ambition and gives children something positive to work towards. The Xfactor has a track record of producing huge stars- not so with The Voice, but at the same time it is very cruel; the nature of the business is cut throat so unless your youngster has a steel core they will endure heartache.

There have always been truly talented children who are destined for fame and these children will naturally be obsessional about their dream, rightly believing them to be their destiny. The majority of children on The Voice have musical backgrounds, attending stage school or having experience of gigging and singing in public. They really want to make this their career. But children are susceptible to suggestion and trends, so how many just jump on the band wagon and see this as their escape from what might be considered a less glamorous future? Years ago children wanted to be policemen or air hostesses- thanks goodness we have moved away from gender stereotypes; so is this really any different or do these shows fill a generation with false hope?

Children's pageants have been running for years and we are often horrified by compulsive, driven parents who deprive their children of childhood in order to live their own dreams and drag their children around the country. Children have always been pushed if they show talent; gymnasts, footballers and ballerinas come to mind- but how does this equate with new TV opportunities? That will depend upon the parent, but what is the reality in households where dreams such as these are prevalent and the children are not being coached? Coaching is the key difference here however you could say the application process will weed out the no-goers and acts as a safety net. You could also say that these programmes provide free tuition for children with potential and give them the kind of contacts and opportunities they cannot otherwise access.

Social history is interesting. Years ago the average teenager admired pop stars and had countless posters on the wall, dreaming of meeting their idol, but now huge numbers want to be the star. Is reality TV a good thing or a bad thing? It's definitely not a trend having continued to grow  rapidly over more than a decade. If you have children, it's something to think about. We need to encourage ambition and ambition is born of dreams so it's a difficult balance. Children grow up fast physically and have more emotional pressure than they did a couple of decades ago, so we need to be clear as to our own family values and create as many care-free hours for our children as possible. Keeping it real is key. Family, friendships and school should come first and your children should benefit from using their leisure time as they choose.

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