Sunday, 14 August 2016


Just come across this fantastic event next Sunday from 3-11pm location: Holloway Road. If you book over the next three days it's only £7. From Wednesday, full price= £10 and even then you're getting great value for money- Kicking myself that I'm away that weekend!

Nambucca wall of fame

Here's a direct link to the NX ZIBIT site so that you can grab your tickets. So much to do on the day- live bands and DJ's, magic table... mmmmm interesting, food and drink and yes you guessed it- networking. I think it will be fantastic so I'm looking forward to the next one!

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Rave Reggae by Denve Jacobs and The Rockstone band

'Love is my gift to the world, I fill myself with love, and i send that love out into the world, How others treat me is their path, How I react is mine..., Denve Jacobs

Just recently I have met some amazing people on Facebook and am sharing Denve Jacob's uplifting song today. The reason these people are amazing is because they are talented and have a true desire to inspire and help others. Mamadou Diop whom I blogged last time is another excellent example.

Denve has a passion for photography as well as music and shares his photo's regularly with an inspirational message. Today's message, that I will discuss later on my Facebook page The Word Magician is; 'In order to become who you want to be, you must let go of who you used to be...' So true and so challenging!

Now, onto the song Rave Reggae!

First up,.. Denve has a distinctive voice and is busy representing Reggae in Ceres, Cape Town, South Africa. Reggae Rave is a true rave tune being full of energy and projecting a love for life... sing it and do what you want to do! This song creates a fabulous vibe for those times you may be feeling a little down and wanting to raise your spirits- something we're all in need of from time to time. As it says, the song is aligned with African culture and shouts JOY at you. Speaks for itself really! Must add that The Rockstone Band have done a fantastic job.

Here's to a joyful day and I hope you will join me in supporting Denve's efforts to make a difference.

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

MAMADOU - Dembe- Brill song + more info!

It's funny how people suddenly come directly into our presence. Mamadou Diop has been a friend of mine on Facebook for a very long time and I have seen and commented on his posts. Mamadou is a tremendously talented musician who has inspired many, many people through sharing not just music but aspects of African culture, especially drumming. Mamadou is fluent in English however this song is in his native tongue and although I am unable to understand the lyrics I can feel the power exuding from such an exciting delivery.

Mamadou has won multiple awards and recently won a humanitarian award in Boston. He is clearly a brilliant man and a clear thinker- Mamadou posts great insights into life on his Facebook Page, some of which I will share on The Word Magician..  

The band has just been touring in Bethlehem and is now up for the Musikfest 2016- I am excited about the different facets of Mamadou's career so we will be finding out far more about this dynamic yet humble person- I really want to know more about his story and inner motivation!

'MAMADOU is not just a name, anymore. It become a concept of peace, love, positivity, harmony and team work.We didn't change,we just woke up.We needed something to improve our shields.Negativity is a terrible disease. They are very hard to get rid of and can destroy someone's Happiness who listen to them,they are always behind talking with negative thinking and destroying happiness. Every times you tempt to fight fire with fire,remember that the fire fighter usually uses water against fire .More and more we are waking-up now and it is making a great and big difference! Just let the band share its light with others through their music and focus in love and peace....'

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

UDE artist Norris B appears at the Hootananny! + Interview!

Live at the Acton Carnival
Norris B is an interesting artist and very likeable individual. He loves his Lover's Rock and Roots Reggae and is thrilled to be performing this Thursday- 4th August at Hootananny, Brixton..

Norris appeared recently at the Acton Carnival with team Urban Delight Entertainment and went down a storm! I interviewed Norris prior to his performance on the day so you can find out a little more about him!

Norris B Interview

Introduction: To the world- my name is Norris B and right now I’m in Acton Carnival, London alongside Jaz McKenzie representing for Urban Delight. I want to big up the crew; Macky McPherson, Computer Paul and all artists, Urban Delight, One Love. Today is the first day I’ve been to Acton Carnival- I’ve been to a lot of carnivals like Bristol carnival. Today I like the atmosphere and I’m here to promote myself, meet new people and enjoy myself. I’m going to perform some of my older stuff and some of my new stuff from the album coming soon.

How did you get into music? Well, I’ve been listening to like Luciano, Admiral Tibet, General Levy, Junior Reid and many more. I grew up in the same community where all those guys used to do their music so I grew up loving the music and knowing the music from watching those artists. In 1995 I wrote my first song called, ‘Earth To Run Red.’ I even see that song manifest now with the war in Iraq and all of that before- from 1995 I sing Earth To Run Red. In 2005 a couple of days when I came to England, I record my first track with USB Records called, ‘Jah Jah Love’ - and you can check that out on YouTube, Facebook- any one of the sites. I start to study now, music the right way, to be an artist and to perform to show the world what I have to offer with the music. So after the first song in 2005, I start to be a recording artist, recording in the studio; getting to know how to sing, how to do it, how to record and I just carry on from that. I’m here in Acton today, same way to carry it on, the music.

Are you an easy person to advise- do you take criticism well?  Yes, I love criticism because it make me stronger. If I work on a show and somebody say you could do that better then yes, that’s what I want to hear. Don’t be biased and don’t cover it up now, because that’s the way I’m going to learn.

What’s your key motivation in life as a whole? My key motivator is my family (Big laughs.) My family, they come first then my music after, then my friends and then my business- but my family and my music at the moment- Laugh!

Big thanks to Norris B and if you can make it along to the Hootananny, Brixton this Thursday, Team Urban Delight will see you there!

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Monday, 1 August 2016

NEW~NEW~NEW!!! SOLSOUL REGGAE-ROBICS starting Wednesday. Have fun & Get Fit!

Fada Urkle~ UK Dancehall King!
Fada Urkle will be bringing his expertise to Clapham with a new project, 'Reggae-Robics,' to help you have fun and get fit. Urkle's aim is to bring dancehall into your grasp and whilst teaching all the necessary moves you will be given full exposure to this particular brand of culture.

You will start at the very beginning and learn moves such as, 'Butterfly, Tatti, Hottie Hottie Boogle,' progressing on to the Boogle dance itself. You will even have the opportunity to learn the Urkle Dance from the Dancehall King. Of course, Dancehall has continued to progress rapidly and there are many more tricks of the trade you will encounter provided you attend regularly.

Ding Dong doing the dance!
Fada Urkle grew up within the Dancehall Culture and enjoyed the feel of  both the dance and the music. Gradually it became evident that he had a talent for dance and after arriving in the UK late 2002, he loved spending his weekends dancing at Caesars Streatham, acquiring a job as resident dancer. Fada Urkle became very wrapped up with dance and it took over a large part of his existence. Eventually Urkle began entering competitions around the UK and gained the title Dancehall King in 2005.

Having had a career break, Fada Urkle is all set to share his passion for dance with anyone who would love to be able to dance. This is partly because, having stepped back, there has been a lack of new style dances entering the Dancehall arena. Fada Urkle said,

'It's a shame that everyone's doing the same style over and over and I feel that it's no longer Dancehall, it's more Hip-Hop. I feel that the body's not flowing anymore. The tradition is now lost and should be deeply rooted so that everyone can distinguish between Bashment, Reggae and other dance styles. The Bashment style is rooted in Africa and is losing its identification in the cross-over culture. I am bringing the dance back to source, our ancestral heritage.'

Interestingly, last week at the Jamaican Sun Fset, Ding Dong spoke about  his intention to revive Dancehall Dance too.

Fada Urkle's classes can be accessed by everyone from beginner to advanced as there will always be new dances to learn- and here, hot off the press we have the, 'Happy Days Dance'! 

How can I access Fada Urkle's Classes?

Age 18+
Dance Teacher: Ras Yechiyah aka Fada Urkel

Location: Fitness First Clapham Junction | London Gym  | Clapham Junction Station | 276 — 288 Lavender Hill, London SW11 1LJ

Each and every:
Weds 20:15 — 21:15

Fee is £7 for non members of the gym, and £3 for members of the gym.
Please bring your own towel or pay £1for a towel at the gym.
Lockers are available to use, a temporary pass will be given if needed.
If you have a Fitness First multi membership or if you are a member of this location you can use the gym. Otherwise you are not allowed, go straight to dance studio.


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Sunday, 31 July 2016

What a beautiful, bright art exhibition! Tim Stocks work exhibited in London

Tim Stocks exhibition at Maida Hill Place, off the Harrow Road. July 2016
When you go to a Tim Stocks art exhibition you leave feeling very cheerful! Tim manages to create a buzz with his work, the colours positively vibrant and bouncing off one another I’ve no doubt!

Tim’s work is extremely distinctive and he has the capacity to tackle politically sensitive subjects by putting a spin on them. Here we have a homeless young man with his dog. An everyday occurrence in London really and you would probably walk past him. Tim takes a very alternative approach and literally turns the lad into a celebrity whom you wouldn’t dream of by-passing, giving him the type of jacket a rock star would wear. This really makes you take a look at the picture and hopefully reflect on the young man’s situation.

Must mention that I appreciate the way Tim is displaying the original photo’s that have inspired his work and giving brief descriptions to help us get a better sense of importance. I particularly liked the refugees and young Dylan- a seventeen year old who committed suicide for no known reason. Tim clearly feels a connection with people’s plights however he has many different sides. I love the pervey skate- boarder- Tim’s humour really comes through and the guy is definitely sexy!

L.S. Lowry
Tim is very well travelled and has painted many different places, bringing definition and clarity to them. He has also painted many famous figures such as Winston Churchill, L. S. Lowry and many more besides. I think it would be nice to share the opinion of one visitor to the exhibition- Ian, and allow him to further define Tim’s work:

‘I love it, I think it’s fantastic. I could say I like it because of the colour, also the drawing- it’s very naïve, angular and powerful. The colour’s very bright it’s a wonderful contrast. When I look at the pictures I can see beautiful contrast between blue, yellow and red. They’re all very well balanced and there’s no mud in these pictures, it’s all primary colours.  Everything about Tim’s work is strong. The drawing is very well observed even though it’s naïve- he’s got all the details in. I think it’s just marvellous stuff and I think there are a lot of people in the Royal Academy who could come here and get a lesson from Tim about being honest in their work.' ~ Thanks Ian.

Tribute to Dylan
I will shortly be bringing you an interview with Tim which is extremely interesting- I guess interesting is what we expect from the mind of an artist! In the meantime you can see more of Tim's work on his Facebook Page
Tim is not afraid!
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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

SERIES: Flying With Mozez- If There Ain't No Love

A place called home:

I ‘ve been to London
I’ve been to Rome
Hoping to make this stop my home
San Francisco, Hollywood.
But if there ain’t no love, then it ain’t no good

I love these lyrics. At first glance we might just think that Mozez is trotting round the globe looking for love, which, in a way he is, but I read a much deeper meaning into this song.

We have freedom and if we have money we can go abroad and mingle with many different types of people. If we prefer, we can stay at home and still mingle with people of different cultures, different ways of thinking and so forth. Where life partners are concerned, most of us have firm ideas about the types of people we would like to fall in love with however until you love yourself you can never be 100% happy even with a great person. Sometimes we have to look inwards before we look outwards.

It must be great fun travelling across different continents but unless we are inwardly happy we will always feel dis-satisfied. We should put our focus on living for ourselves and satisfy our exclusive needs, if not, we will be globe-trotting forever metaphorically speaking. If there ain’t no love it ain’t no good. If we want a loving relationship to last it must have a firm foundation and be tended to carefully rather than disappear within the everyday mist life can throw over it.

Society encourages us to keep busy and join the rat-race. We are encouraged to live online, share our lives, our feelings, our pictures- however when doing so where do we find time to spend strictly on ourselves? We are bombarded in news feeds with things we prefer not to see- for instance, I was horrified when a decapitated head popped up in my newsfeed yesterday- and let’s not forget bloodied animals, disfigured children etc. You can still express anger without doing so in such a brutal manner forcing other people to see these horrendous images. Cruel and brutal events rock our peaceful state of mind as do all of the atrocities the world has been experiencing recently. Sometimes it actually seems as if love is limited within the world however we know that love is limitless and the horrors we hear about result from warped egos.

Real love is based on understanding and unity from every perspective- worldly and personal. How can anyone feel at home until they have made peace with themselves? There is a great deal of self -hatred resulting from experiences we may have had no control over. Abuse is a clear example that produces many victims and it is the ‘victim mentally’ that stops us loving ourselves by undermining self-confidence and preventing a good level of self-esteem. Victims tend to side with victims or just repeat the patterns they have become accustomed too- either way, there ain’t no love in oppressive situations, although people often mistake dependency for love, brutality for love and so on.

Mozez song speaks the truth. If there ain’t no love it ain’t no good. This applies to everything in life. In order to help ourselves feel love there is one simple yet challenging thing we can do to enable us to move forwards and that is to look at everyone and every situation through the eyes of love. Very difficult but it is something we can work towards. Instead of being re-active and thinking of how things affect us we could ask ourselves ‘why do I feel this way’ instead. I do not find this easy and can steer off course quickly, but looking through the eyes of love really makes a great default setting where communication and understanding are concerned. It doesn’t mean we should become involved with people who set out to hurt us but this approach empowers us to handle situations better.

I also think we could save ourselves from a great deal of heartache once we gain a feel for love and can recognise it!

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