Friday, 10 February 2012

HERITAGE OF SKA ... THE LAUNCH!! Friday 9th March

HERITAGE OF SKA, DUBBED 'THE INFLUENCE,' is a brand new festival set to hit the UK this July, weekend 7th & 8th. It has been organised by Michael Arkk & associates at a time when many established festivals will be taking a break due to the Olympics; Glastonbury & the Lambeth County Show being two of these popular events.

'The Influence,' as it is primarily referred to, will be bringing us a joyful weekend filled with festivities aimed at showing people how ska, an early form of reggae music, has affected many of the genres we enjoy today. Ska music is known for its universal appeal, crossing racial & cultural barriers, so we are delighted to embrace this event within the local community of Lambeth. It will be hosted at Brockwell Park and in addition to featuring many artists from different musical persuasions, local traders will have the opportunity to sell their wares. Organizations such as Peacekeepers UK & Youthanasia Films will present the work they are doing in schools and clubs to help our youth focus on the value of living productive lives. The Influence is aiming to provide work shops for all ages including practical classes and plans to give us more information about the background of ska music.

To kick off the proceedings the Ritzy, Brixton will be hosting the H.O.S. launch party Friday 9th March, so come along & get a feel for the festival, experience live music and meet the organizers! Pop the date in your diary NOW.

The Influence has been planned on a large scale, therefore if you are able to help with sponsorship in any capacity please email or contact us on All enquiries welcome.

If you would like us to feature your event please contact

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