Monday, 27 February 2012

HOW THE PHOENIX RISES... Poem about putting grief to rest

Letting go of a loved one is always hard but when that person is removed from our life prematurely we are not only dealing with grief but also anger & a disproportionate amount of anxiety at being left too soon and having to take on extra responsibilities that can affect what we could consider our pre-destination. Sometimes the shock can actually prevent us from moving forwards in life however at some point we will come to terms with it if we are to lead healthy lives. This poem deals specifically with the loss of 'Mum.'


When you break a link in the chain of dependency
Your emotions will fly free
But after a while they'll settle down
Allowing you to BE FREE

To feel
To explore
To find the reality of who you are

The essence of independence
Pulsing through your veins
And you will find it wasn't so hard
To cut the apron strings of love
Because love holds you forever in its bounds

True love is true freedom
And a mother's love is always a mother's love
Whether in this world or the next
No substitutes in the game of love
For nobody does it better

And as time rolls with the seasons
The season of tears will be replaced
By the season of joy
A true coming of age

To be you
To achieve your dreams
To love your children

The gift of a mother is to love
To encourage & nurture
Helping her children all the way
From this world into the next

Reunion is a split second in time
The catching of breath in the morning air
A slight extension of the fingertips
The midday sun shining full in your face
And the grace of God is filled with understanding
Tomorrow becomes today
For love IS the greatest gift

Jaz McKenzie 2012 ©

This poem was written in response to Pink's poem which can be viewed on her blogspot

Pink AKA Peach is one of our writers contributing to our blogathon,'Live Life~Love Life', aimed at encouraging a positive life style. This is usually posted every Sunday.

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