Thursday, 16 February 2012

'SON OF AFRICA' by Jay Dizzle

Its Braap wishes to thank Jay Dizzle for sharing his poem about the strength of an African man during this period; Black History Month in the USA & Canada. We are including a picture called 'Southern Plantation Slaves,' by Thomas Nast, a white American who was very anti-slavery & produced highly detailed pictures relating to different aspects of slavery.

This is a Poem that I am sharing with Its Braap and followers of your blog and whomever else might read and be uplifted by positive vibes. Jay~


My name is Jarrett aka Jay or Jay Dizzle when I write poetry. I am 29 years old. I have been writing poetry since age 11 & have always found peace in writing my thoughts on paper. I have never performed in public or at any events, however I have had my work published in the high school newspaper, online magazines etc. Whatever comes to mind I usually write about; social awareness, fun and laughter, emotional states of being.

Son Of Africa

Whispering Calm winds blow
Palm trees sway and sometimes moan
Hot Sun riches my dark skin
Son of African Men
Warrior's run throughout my blood
This is how I Show African Love
River Nile is my father
Deepen The Roots
Smiling at my African people in Uganda
Respect to Mr Lincoln
Signed the Emancipation Proclamation
So we could be Freemen
The Choice is ours to Multiply
Minus the Fear
Don't Fear my Black Mind
Stand up for our own
My people suffered so to me its more than wrong
Injustice made me stronger
Racism fuelled the fire
Mamma Africa and I am a Survivor

Written by~ Jay Dizzle

Thanks to Its Braap for sharing my poem. Stay positive and keep the vibes kool ~Jay

Jay’s work is available on the following links: (you will find more poems on that website either under the name Jay dizzle or punedaddy30188

To read more about Thomas Nast & view more pictures check this link:

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