Saturday, 10 March 2012

HOS Launch Party +Toots & The maytals - Funcky Kingston

HOS Launch Party!!

As promised, this event turned out to be something special, ‘The Estimators,’ proving to be an excellent Ska band who certainly rose to the occasion. Having recently absorbed some brilliant jazz on the TV  I almost felt as if I was in a top Jazz club in New Orleans and that is not an exaggeration! Musically this band really excel and there was a great sense of harmony between the musicians and the vocalists.

The Estimators were fronted for the evening by Michael Arkk, founder of HOS along with Natty Bo (DJ & front man with the band Top Cats,) and Frank Pitter of Symarip Pyramids. Between the 3singers and the band the evening just flowed, the tunes taking us on a trip down memory lane while the crowd danced to favourites such as Monkey Man, Dancing Mood, Jamaican Ska and Sea Cruise to name just a few.

The entire set was extremely lively, taking a slightly calmer turn while Michael led the crowd in a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to you’ for Steve Harris, lead singer of the Ska band ‘Free Town’ who came along to support the event.

Christine & other members of the Skarettes, along with some of the crowd were definitely dressed for the occasion & probably lost several pounds in weight with their highly energetic ska dances which were fun to watch.

In addition to the live music, we were treated to some rare gems of traditional reggae vibes from DJ Dancecrasher Sound System
The whole evening was fun and the songs just played as the night wore on. My favourite song was actually the final tune Funky Kingston & when I mentioned this to Natty Bo he said, ‘Glad you liked it but actually I was making this up as I went along!’

Jaz Mckenzie
NB: Apologies for the quality of the pic however the energy is vital!

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