Friday, 16 March 2012

~IB~ BABIES!! We are extremely pleased to introduce>>>

As many of you who follow Its Braap~Its Life are aware, we have been presenting news about ‘Heritage Of Ska,’ the new open air music festival initially planned this July & still requiring heavy sponsorship! The next show will be coming up shortly, 6.30pm-12.30am, Thurs 29th March at ‘Light Bar’ 233, Shoreditch High Street. E1 6PJ. We will continue bringing you news about HOS which will provide an opportunity for some of our singers, musicians & other talented people to gain a little exposure whilst supporting this magnificent venture.

Baby # 2 >>OLYMPUS~New Musical<<
We are thrilled to have been approached to follow a new musical, ‘OLYMPUS:’ first interview pertaining to this project with Chris Chambers, writer/director coming shortly. Olympus started life as musical theatre 20 years ago, written by Ian Rae, adapted by Ian & Chris so that it has become a contemporary musical & community showcase for this Olympic year. Chris will keep us updated as the rehearsals progress & we have been invited to interview cast members and pop along to the occasional rehearsal.
Rehearsal for Olympus

Baby # 3 >>Fairfield Halls 50th Celebrations<<
Our final ‘baby’ is equally exciting! The Fairfield Halls in Croydon reach their 50th anniversary in November and have decided to hold a year long celebration consisting of different events. The first scheduled events include a photographic exhibition of celebrities who have appeared at the Fairfield over the years; all pictures are the work of photographer Frazer Ashford. The exhibits are beautiful, in black & white demanding appreciation! We will do our best to organize an interview with Frazer for you and in the meantime will share more information about the exhibition and additional events, supplied by Laura Roberts, press officer.
So that you can check in for updates anytime, we will put all website links under the heading ~IB~ Babies to the right of the site. We hope you will enjoy this new initiative.

Elton John photographed by Frazer Ashford


We will watch expectantly as our babies grow!!
Young girl wearing a beautiful Galuchie Knits hat.


  1. Dear its Braap,
    I fully agree with you that the articles you are presenting has a certain Calibre about them. Your Logo does suggest you are a top class business. I wish you well and look forward to more top calibre articles. Good luck with all you do.
    The quality of your work will ensure your success.

  2. We really appreciate your comment. Encouragement enables progress! Thank you. ~IB~