Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Need Some Peapa

This new video is a great little song from Ras Omeek who has veered away from traditional reggae to bring us a social message in the more unusual reggae pop style. Ras Omeek is from Montego Bay, Jamaica and wanted to share his concerns about Jamaica's economic system in a way that people can relate to. Interestingly this song brings to mind Simply Red's tune based on a similar theme, 'Money Too Tight to Mention.'

Ras Omeek has been singing all his life, his father being a pastor in a traditional Apostolic church; however Ras Omeek decided to find his own way and has undertaken a Rastafarian lifestyle. This did not go down well with his family who turned against him. But life is unpredictable and Ras Omeek's father became unwell, so as a mark of respect Ras Omeek cut his hair in order to return home to care for his father. I believe that is a very important lesson in the value of forgiveness and true respect. Ras Omeek felt very strongly about this aspect of his life and actually wrote a song about his situation called, 'Holy Holy.'

One of Ras Omeek's most successful songs to date is, 'Praising Rastafari' which is included on the sample CD for Reggae Vibes Magazine in France and is also available on iTunes.

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  1. If u have no job U need to have a dream.......

    Love that line!

    Big Up Ras !