Tuesday, 20 March 2012


A group of coach drivers, much to their amazement, have won the Euro Millions!! How wonderful can that be especially as they were facing a cut in their working hours. Now, instead of wondering how they can meet their bills these drivers and their families are able to make changes to their lifestyle and live a little. The caring attitude of the winners came through, being particularly pleased to share their winnings as a group. In a way that seemed to mean more to them than an individual win would have done, which emphasizes the fellowship amongst them.

There are syndicates all around the world who dream of winning the lottery. We play at work and interestingly the owner of the business was asked whether she wished to increase the insurance and take out lottery cover in the event of us winning! I have no idea whether she did or not as the odds of a serious win are not great, but the point about life is you just don’t know... Regarding insurance companies life is a certainty and certainly not a lottery!!

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, parting with a little each week to try and win the jackpot still gives you something to look forward to. Every week when the numbers are called you can sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation shouting and hollering at the TV until the final ball has dropped; unless you sit there silently with fists clenched of course! Sometimes you may have a little win and that in itself is enough to raise your spirits.

Life on occasion may seem a little like a lottery. We have no say over our physical appearance, birth rights and early childhood. All these facts are pre-determined. What we can do is make the best of ourselves and work towards creating our own fortune. This is never an easy process and the cost is high. We have to be committed to the task in hand pushing ahead from every angle. In many ways we may be trying to reach for the impossible but if you do not start you will never finish and if you give up along the way, you will not reap the benefit of the seeds you sowed. Sometimes we feel as if we are working hard to no effect; it may be that we just do not see the effect we are having! There are always going to be feasts and famines, so like Joseph we need to harvest the grain mentally when good things happen so that we have a focus in the famine so to speak. If you are able to look back along the road you have already trodden you will see how far you have come and in so doing appreciate that your goal is gradually becoming closer.

Question: Who really wins the lottery?

Those who contribute to life in a conscious and conscientious way. This is because even if they do not reach their goals they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they really did their best. Regardless of what people may say your best, provided it is your best, is always good enough. It may not win you the gold medal; what is does is allow you to walk away with the satisfaction that you put 100% into the race and others simply had a little more of what it takes to win at that time. The ability to bounce back and keep on pushing is fundamental to having a winning attitude. Everyone has a winning ticket with their name on. If you look closely at the watermark you will be able to read three little words: faith, self-belief and hard work! Now you have found yours, pick it up and run towards the finishing line!

Jaz McKenzie

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