Sunday, 29 April 2012

Emptying the Recycle Bin! Live Life~Love Life WK 18

Do you ever have thoughts that go round and round inside your head? Sometimes you are battling to create something out of a mental collage, for instance you may have partial ideas floating around that need some form of consolidation. Quite often one idea really takes root and grows naturally whilst you leave the others on the back burner or simply forget about them altogether. These types of ideas deserve a place in your mind and tend to be productive or at the very least, do not occupy much of your time. They may cause you to become excited once they start taking shape or maybe a little disappointed if you cannot find a way to use them. Either way, they are legitimate and a positive aspect of your mental well being. Always embrace even the smallest creative idea because you do not know its potential!

Our minds are home to many different types of information which our brains are busy processing. There is the idea that we never lose anything that has been ‘input,’ if pushed you would eventually be able to name every bone in the body ... probably under hypnosis... because once upon a time you knew it! This is quite possibly true when we consider the amazing detailed memories of the older generation whilst they recite childhood recollections, all those long forgotten incidents that suddenly come to mind. Education and knowledge are another form of good, positive mental input and the more we can retain the better, replacing the old ways with the new as mankind is on a constant learning curve employing new methods, knowledge and technology.

Amongst all of the good mental content we have the bombs. These are the facts contained in bubbles of emotion that will explode every so often and we have very little control over them. When we face injustice in life we create new bombs and the trouble with emotional bombs is that, being inside your head, the primary person who will become damaged is yourself. When furious, you are likely to hurt those around you often going out or your way to ensure that they feel your pain, your anger, your mistrust and your hatred of a particular situation. However, in doing so we often do more damage to ourselves especially when we keep repeating the same things. Repetition embeds the facts more deeply in our minds and prevents healing. These are the items that we need to deal with and not only send to the recycle bin, but press empty and offload.

There are many situations where people hold on to the pain and hurt of life. I am a #1 culprit, finding it hard to come to terms with reality at times and this only stops you progressing in life. How can a wound heal if you keep ripping off the bandages? It doesn’t, it will become re-infected and possibly fester into a more serious illness. The same is true of our minds. Where wounds are concerned we will clean them, often with an antiseptic and on occasion have a course of antibiotics to make sure the wound heals properly. What of our minds? How do we cleanse our minds of the memories that cause us pain.
• First step is to acknowledge the hurt/anger/pain
• Secondly, talk it through but not in anger and try to fully understand the other person’s point of view. If it is anger at the loss of a person close to you through any form of separation counselling may be appropriate.
• Thirdly, accept the situation for what it is
• Fourth,Plan the way forwards
• Fifth, at all times maintain a positive attitude
• Finally, Put it to rest

Constantly revisiting situations prevents you from moving forwards and you might miss out on other opportunities life has to offer. So many brilliant things are born as a result of our pains and struggles, just look at the best songwriters, film makers and so on. We all have to go through it, so when we experience these elements try to learn from them. Hold onto the lessons and toss the rest away.

Is there anything tormenting you now? Time to deal with it and once done, empty the recycle bin; after all you will need space to deal with the next thing and too much clutter can only lead to a mental confusion or worse, a breakdown. Be strong, be clear about your intentions and move forwards. Life is full of challenges and challenges bring rewards.

Jaz McKenzie

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