Sunday, 22 April 2012

Right On Time... God’s timing delivers! Live Life~Love Life WK 17

God delivers right on time however it might not be when we are ready. Very often we set the scene imposing our own time limits, often as milestones in life. Yes we need to have a good idea of what we would like to achieve and when however it is imperative that we remain open to unexpected opportunities and be prepared to be flexible.

If something is meant to be it will happen and not necessarily in the way we expect! The latest example that comes to mind is the planned interview I conducted this week with Heaven Africa, well know due to her recent appearance on Big Brother. Heaven is extremely busy and managed to fit a slot in for the interview last Friday. Heaven was delayed and I used the time to write a poem inspired by my surroundings... a bonus! Time passed, my phone battery drained and I texted Heaven to see what was happening. As the reply came from ‘Patrick’ I was thoroughly confused and took the bus to make another brief appointment, during which time Heaven called with a new location and mentioned that Patrick was the camera man.. OH HELP... I was expecting to record this! Luckily I was able to use the office phone, at my interim destination, to check the address & had just enough battery left to inform Heaven of my arrival ... looking like a drowned rat, hair maaad frizzy, trouser legs soaked by the rain but what the heck! Heaven had a sore eye so we ‘sisters in distress’ sat down and discussed a million things amongst which we lit on the fact that it would have been easy to re-schedule the interview however we both felt compelled to complete it. As Heaven was prepared to do the interview looking less than perfect, I just remained thankful for this brilliant opportunity! Important point, I nearly forgot in my temporary anxiety to thank God for arranging to have the interview filmed because I had commented mentally that it would be so much better, creating greater impact by revealing Heaven’s lively character to engage the audience! Secondly we covered topics that have not previously been discussed in Heaven’s interviews and she treated us to a rendition of one of her poems, a great piece of work. Heaven also turned the tables slightly and involved me in the interview by asking about Its Braap, so extra blessings there. Finally, when I analysed the day a brand new idea for ~IB~ sprang to mind.

I believe that the timing was right and the crazy circumstances wrought extra benefits. The timing was perfect, the availability of the extra phone ... perfect, transportation fast... my battery life... perfect... the harmony... perfect & the filming... perfect, thereby completing the interview freed up time at a later date. The timing was clockwork, even down to the time I arrived home with transport linking simultaneously... 30 mins to eat and get ready to go out!! There was enough time to include Heaven’s poem and it taught me a good lesson, God knows exactly how much time we need to complete a task!

We have so much to learn in this world during our lifetimes and an appreciation of timing is vital. There are times we are receptive to other people’s input and times we are not therefore we may not be ready to experience the experiences that we believe we need. There are times we would not be able to perform effectively as we lack skills and on other occasions our personal agenda is too packed for us to develop empathy towards others so we cannot progress.

Very often life is preparing us for the unknown however we are totally unaware of this. Think about your life. What lessons have you learnt that have added true value to your life? Now look at the timing. The probability is that everything worked beautifully and you have become aware of this with hindsight. Now look at the present and project into the future. What are you concerned about or impatient for right now? Consider the things that you regard as holding you back. It could be that next week or next year you will meet the right person for the job or encounter situations which inspire a change of attitude. Maybe you wish to get married or have children; possibly you have a great project to oversee and need specific input. Sometimes we just have to be patient. Where timing is concerned we understand that we have no control over it and time itself just keeps ticking away. You might be impatient and this is the reason people often go ahead with things against their better judgement. The best thing that you can do to prepare is improve yourself as a person and learn the skills and attitudes that will help you in the future, when the timing is right. Your time will come so do your best to stay positive and count your blessings along the way!

Jaz McKenzie

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