Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Snakes & Ladders~ A Quick Poem

A simple summary of life!!

Snakes & Ladders
Ever played that game?
Rolling the dice & climbing high
Only to feel the pain
Of short lived success
When landing at the mouth of the snake
Who swallows you whole
Dragging you way back down
Down below!
To re-start your climb
In the hope of renewed success
Yet dependent upon a few dots
Numbers on a dice...
Snakes & ladders, common version
Of the game we call life.
Luck plays its part with each ladder we climb
Whilst avoiding the snakes
To the best of our ability
Just keeping them all
In visual proximity...
... if each snake represents a mistake
Take care, take time to learn, beware
And spare yourself many a slippery slide
For the games in life are fun
Ready to enjoy the ride??

Jaz McKenzie

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