Wednesday, 10 October 2012

~IB~ BABY E-MUTE Clock Moves Forward

Intriguing lyrics here in this mysteriously dark song from E-Mute... The clock moves forwards while life goes backwards. I asked lead singer Theo to explain the thinking behind the song-'It's basically about wanting to do something but another part of you stops you doing what you want. It's the internal fight within yourself. The older you get the more experienced you become at identinfying the internal battle. It applies to everything in life, aspirations, relationships, we are constantly battling within ourselves.'

This is the bands first video release  and is extremely strong both musically and visually, telling a story. I think that it really exposes the huge potential of the E-Mute. Keep tuned to ~IB~ as we will be giving you more of an update later on.

Jaz McKenzie

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