Friday, 16 November 2012

Puppy Love!

I wrote this poem back in the day when my son arrived home, puppy in arms, saying he had offered to look after it for a weekend!! He had always wanted a puppy however I am sooo not a doggy person. Having objected initially, here we have the inside story in just a few words!!

For Dolce

Cute little puppy... AND a pit bull at that!
Tell me...
How did you manage it?
How did you manage to reach out with that paw
and claw
your name through the sign
nailed to my heart
that said,
'Dogs are OK but they're not allowed here?'

2 days... 4 days... 6.5 weeks?
But all it really took
was that first little look!
... you were soooo sweet
cupped in the hands or my strapping great lad!
Nose twitching with curiosity
Eyes brightly focused on mine
while your tongue flickered swiftly across my hand
and I found myself stroking your neck
...WHAT... the heck happpened here?
I guess this is what they mean by puppy love!

Jaz McKenzie

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