Saturday, 1 June 2013

'Don't be a victim'~ Reggae with Mowty Mahlyka

'Don't be a victim'~Mowty Mahlyka AKA Dark Angel

Love the message given here by UK reggae/dancehall artist, Dark Angel Mowty Mahlyka. Life is very much about creating yourself within the system in order to rise above the system. Today Mowty's lyrics will hold international appeal, with people oppressed worldwide within various political and socio-economic systems. You are responsible for yourself and can change your circumstances with love, vision and determination.

Mowty's music is doing well, receiving airplay in both the UK and abroad with Sir David Rodigan tuning in! You can hear more on soundcloud including latest release: My Burdens. Dark Angel Soundcloud

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy!

Jaz McKenzie

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