Friday, 21 June 2013

One for sorrow, two for joy!!- Magpies & old wives tales!

Many of us are familiar with the old rhyme about Magpies which goes:

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
and four for a boy.
Five for silver
Six for gold
and seven for a story
never to be told!

Since childhood I learnt that you are supposed to count the magpies and refer to the rhyme in order to determine your fate. This is fundamentally flawed especially if the magpies are in a busy park! When you stop to consider, the outcomes are pretty bizarre although with the magpies all for all that glitters you are quite likely to find a shiny silver coin in a magpie's nest!

There are so many superstitions and yet for some reason people take them to heart. Personally I have no fear of walking under ladders and with today's stringent health & safety regulations the chances of harm are few. Maybe the instigators of superstition inadvertently started something through the natural process of information sharing. 'Jack walked under a ladder today and a paint can hit him on the head knocking him unconscious.' 'Really? best not walk under any ladders then as it's just asking for trouble!'. This is quite plausible and maybe somebody broke a mirror and their bad luck really did continue for 7 years.

How the magpie rhyme came about I have no idea- might check online later. Clearly the author had quite a lot on his/her mind to do with relationships, families and wealth! Sound familiar? Sometimes it is good to challenge the things we take for granted and despite not believing the rhyme, when I saw a solo magpie in the park, the third time in a week, I remembered the rhyme and stated-'there is no sorrow in my life~ only joy.' What happened next is not surprising however it surprised me because of the timing. I literally finished speaking the last word when a second magpie appeared from nowhere and landed on the grass beside the first. Coincidence? Confirmation of an affirmation~ I believe so. Either way it was an interesting little experience and definitely helps empower self belief and belief in the power of God and the universe.

Ultimately we produce our own luck be it good or bad, therefore superstition has nothing to do with it yet remains a convenient media on which to place blame.

Jaz McKenzie

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