Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to grab an opportunity!

Life is full of opportunities, some of which are highly obvious. Look at this beautiful sunrise. If I were invited to take a trip and watch the sun rise across the sea I would do everything in my power to go after all, how can we refuse nature at its best?
The problem with opportunities is all too often internal. An opportunity will come along and we can be tempted towards taking an over-cautious approach. Yes, we will need basic details- what, when , where, cost and additional benefits. Having said that, there are times when our gut instinct will guide us against our reasoning mind.
If we spend too long weighing an opportunity up it might disappear before our very eyes and there is nothing worse than wondering what might have been- please note that this is never worthwhile!
To grab an opportunity we need to live in a state of expectation. Change and challenges are everything, they keep us young and lively minded. Some opportunities seem way out of our comfort zone yet it is these same experiences that bring the greatest sense of achievement. When presented with an opportunity we should consider what we have to gain rather than what we may lose. After all, most things in life can be replaced- except missed opportunities!
Even little opportunities can make a huge difference to us when we are living in a truly appreciative state. For example: If the sun is out we might be able to create an opportunity to enjoy it through re-arranging the timing of our schedule slightly.
Meeting new people often opens the door to new opportunities, as does studying a new subject or area of learning. Sometimes we feel an urge to say or do something yet insist on supressing that urge. This is unfortunate because it deprives others of listening to another point of view, extending a debate or making improvements to their services. Opportunities can be of great help to others and our comments may create new opportunities to extend business, service or product ranges.
Grabbing an opportunity may be directly linked to our confidence, so when an opportunity is offered we should tell ourselves that we can do it! After all, if someone presents an opportunity it is usually because they believe in our capabilities. 
Life is about awareness and creating our own opportunities. What do you want in life? How are you going to go about getting it? These are the keys you need to open doors. Once you set your mind to something you will be amazed at the opportunities that arise along the way enabling your plan to be fully actioned.
Life is meant to be fun, it is meant to be a little uncertain at times too- how great does a shot of natural adrenaline feel? The more natural highs we create the better and the more joy we experience on a day to day basis. It doesn't matter how sizeable an opportunity is, just grab it, enjoy it and before long the next one will put in an appearance. Never miss an opportunity, after all, it might prove to be the best thing you ever did!
Jaz McKenzie

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