Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Be Braap~ Be Focused!! #2 Live the Life You Love!


You may think creating your life the way you desire is easier said than done. In reality it's a matter of education, understanding, faith and discipline. The first big issue is deciding how you would like your life to be- preferably in detail and aiming for those goals, picking yourself up quickly at every wobble!

I could write reams about life according to the Bible or the Law of Attraction, but better you do your own research and take time to understand how everything works together to, 'make IT happen.'

Once we manage to obtain a greater level of inner happiness it is easier to be happy and satisfied with life. We are always told that it's not the destination that counts, it's the journey and how true this statement is- after all, what happens when you reach your destination? It quickly becomes familiar and your quest for a new destination and journey soon kick off in earnest.

Anticipation is our fuel. Planning a holiday is great fun and fills us with excitement created from anticipation, in fact, we often benefit from the, 'happy vibes' this process arouses in us as much as we do from the holiday itself; sometimes even more if something goes wrong and the ultimate paradise becomes the holiday from hell!

The quickest way to living the life you love is finding more of what you love and making time for it. Challenges are great, learning new skills, stretching ourselves in new directions including reaching a greater level of competency in work and play. Find people you enjoy being around- it certainly makes passing time much more fun and more interesting for all concerned.

Learning from our mistakes and veering away from repetative negative patterns makes a huge difference to our general well-being. Change is not easy, change is a matter of practice! When you find yourself slipping back into old habits, get a grip. Tell yourself you need to walk a new path and make every moment count. Time spent feeding negative emotions simply drains your energy whereas positive emotions create great feelings.

Create the life you love and busy yourself living it. Once you do, more good things will come your way, so don't delay, get started and enjoy every day as life rolls along!

Jaz McKenzie

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