Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Be Braap~Be Focused!!! #1~See Only Love!!

It is good to have a main focus for the day that is applicable to everything you do.  Today's key phrase is, 'SEE ONLY LOVE.'

When you are looking at love everything else drops away and we see the best in others. Love affects our attitudes, words and deeds which helps us to be kinder and willing to listen with an open mind. Often we have preconceptions of people that affect our judgement. How many times do you cringe inwardly if someone requests to see you, thinking... it's going to be more of the same? Firstly, if might be about something entirely new and secondly, if it is more of the same then the problems still exist and need to be dealt with.

It might be a case of attempting to listen to the' same old' as if it were the first time you have ever heard it because love makes everything new! Even if the problem is the same, love can help you see the person in a new light and possibly inspire you in a new way. We give out vibrations all the time, so changing our feelings and vibrations towards others will affect their subconscious and the way they respond to us.

The more awkward, objectionable or downright rude a person is acts as an indicator that they really need love. People who love themselves have no need to act aggressively or demandingly towards others.

If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts today, change the channel and pop love onto your screen. I sometimes carry a red heart in my pocket and when I inadvertently touch it I am reminded to, 'switch love on!'

SEE ONLY LOVE~ and make a difference!

Jaz McKenzie

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