Friday, 27 September 2013

Be Braap~Be Focused #3- Learn to be resilient!

I frequently walk through Norbury park and a little while ago noticed the painted numbers that had appeared on the trees. A few days later, branches were cut back so severely nothing was left but bare trunks and a few stunted branches.

Fortunately nature is highly resilient and little by little, foliage has reappeared, the tree picture wearing it proudly like a crown!! You see, this is a lesson for life. What ever happens to you stand upright and find a way to move forwards. You will see that the tree is blessed with shards of sunlight streaming across it in recognition of the victory?!?!

This is so important. The tree literally starts a process of regeneration, even the oldest most decrepit tree having new growth. I am sure the tree was shocked when its branches were removed as that was not a natural occurrence, similar to some of the shocking experiences that occur in our lives, but the fact is~ you can't keep a good tree down!

We too need to discover our inner fight, our resilience and make life work for us. Sometimes the most shocking pruning creates the most beautiful blooms, so think of that next time you are having a tough time.

Jaz McKenzie

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