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Snapshots From The Bible WK 39~ Proverbs 27:19- How people see us

Proverbs 27: 19
‘you see your face in a mirror and your thoughts in the minds of others.’

This is quite a difficult verse to interpret however a challenge is a challenge!
Everything is open to interpretation and even when we look at our own face in a mirror we may see ourselves differently from the way that other people see us however, there is no disputing that we are looking directly at our own face.
How do you see your thoughts in the minds of others? I think this comes down to the fact that what we think we create. If we focus on a thought long enough with passion, it will come into existence.
The way people treat us very often reflects the way in which have perceived them. If we think poorly of another person they may well pick that up and behave in the exact manner we expect of them. Often this is followed by a comment such as, ‘typical, I knew she’d go and do that.’  People may treat you in a friendly manner or be wary of you and this will depend upon the thought vibrations you transmit. How often do you think of something and then it happens? You may think about calling a friend when the phone rings and that person is on the end of the line! Very common and we tend to laugh about it and put it down to familiarity as opposed to a coincidence. This is exactly what it is.
How does your face look? Is it relaxed and you look quite good for your age or do you looked stressed and appear to be ageing too quickly? Once again we come back to the power of thought. If you try to keep your thoughts positive and relatively pure your face will appear younger because you are not pulling stressful faces and exercising those crease lines! Thinking about the things we need in life to improve ourselves and our situation is positive and beneficial whereas worry, bitterness and anger simply fuel bad thoughts and create a permanent scowl.
 If you go around being miserable other people will avoid you or you might see them appear to groan inwardly when you appear so their thoughts are very obvious to you. Positive, happy people always attract others because we enjoy being around people who inspire us and make us feel good about ourselves and life in general. How people feel about us is all in the body language, and body language is usually a true reflection of inner thoughts and feelings.
If you really want to know how others see you, watch how they respond, they are simply reflecting your thoughts back into the universe, so work hard at investing in good thoughts because they always pay dividends!
Here is a more usual interpretation of the actual verse and far easier to work with!
'As in water face reflects face, So the heart of man reflects man.' 

Jaz McKenzie
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