Thursday, 12 September 2013

What can we learn from a game of TETRIS?

I probably wouldn't have stopped to think about this in the normal course of events  but strange things happen! Yesterday I was busy playing Tetris on my phone during a bus journey- great way to pass a little time sharpening your mind and reflexes. The game started out pretty well with all the pieces falling into place and then the challenge hit- as it does! I was being given the most awkward shapes as the game speeded up, so decided to focus on building up the middle, leaving the edges bare expecting the blocks to pile up -GAME OVER.

Surprisingly this did not happen. The right shapes started appearing to fill up the gaps in the grid and all of a sudden filled lines were disappearing and I was almost back to the baseline. It suddenly hit me how the game of Tetris is actually a reflection of life. Things go well and suddenly they change. We face challenges that have us feeling as if we should give up when all of a sudden, a solution to our problems appear and our life slots back on track.

So what did I learn from playing Tetris? I think having patience is one key lesson, as is studying a problem from different angles. There are often choices in Tetris; there may be two or three places your block will fit but regardless of where you put it, the end result is that the majority of pieces work well together achieving a high score. I think that sometimes we spend too long deliberating over things when there are several ways to arrive at the desired result.

Next time a problem is looming large, think TETRIS!! It will be bring a smile to your lips and help you not to take things too seriously- we are built for survival and have the power to overcome all situations and rise up once again!

I would also like to share a little scientific study about the benefits of playing Tetris!! Tetris is more than just a game Maybe there's a psychological reason why we enjoy it so much?!?!?!

Jaz McKenzie

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