Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Be Braap~ Be Focused #4- One moment in time

Young children are truly free because they always live in the moment. This is why they often have a problem taking turns- no matter, life isn't perfect!

How amazing life could be if we actually developed the ability to enjoy every moment. As adults, we know that 'now' is the only time we are guaranteed, therefore we should try to capitalise upon it. Sometimes this can be incredibly difficult yet it's simply a case of mind over matter; although this will take a while to cultivate. One solution is to re-live great moments when experiencing doubts and worries. This helps boost the mind into a positive, receptive state putting control back into your domain. Happy thoughts create joy which is something most of us prefer to feel, and joy attracts more joy.

Sometimes it is worth asking, 'what can I do in this moment? Hopefully you are too busy enjoying yourself to worry with this question! If however, you are counting time clock watching then you are wasting it! Little pockets of time can be quite valuable and soon add up. Journey time is a great for relaxing so I often listen to positive talks whilst travelling on buses or trains. Five minutes can be used to de-stress by taking a few deep breaths in the middle of a busy day or alternatively, a great opportunity to grab a quick cup of tea before the next client enters your office- or a healthy glass of water!

Finally, give thanks for time. It is very precious and cannot be retrieved if wasted. The better use you make of time, the more enjoyable and satisfying life becomes.

Jaz McKenzie

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