Thursday, 3 October 2013

LIFE MOVES~The Jolt!~ Short poem by Jaz McKenzie

Life is so unpredictable. Everything in our lives can be stable and cosy when suddenly, completely out of the blue, something happens that alters us dramatically. We have to re-evaluate, find inner strength, step out in new directions. At the time we are usually unable to see a reason however, when we come out the other side, even if the reason is elusive it doesn't matter. What counts are the lessons we learn about ourselves, our inner resources, strength, adaptability, imagination and so. Here's a very quick poem I jotted down that looks at the jolt!

LIFE MOVES~ The Jolt! 

Keep a hold of yourself

As the tides of life knock you off your comfortable plateau

Thrown once again into a whorl of uncertainty

Untamed emotions awash, fear creeps around the edge

Your mind ignites, familiarity of existence threatened.


We’ve all been there

A stranger scared, as if of our own shadow

Life taking on new proportions, contortions

Twisted truths applied to everyday situations

So take a fresh perspective- and a new Stand.
Be strong and firm
Imaginative and unafraid
Find the knowledge
Create a vision
And go for gold!
Whatever you do remember~ Love is the answer.

Jaz McKenzie
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