Monday, 28 October 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 43~Proverbs 2:4- the importance of wisdom and common sense

Proverbs 2:4 

‘Keep in tune with wisdom and think what it means to have common sense’
It is surprising how many intelligent people we come into contact with who have no common sense! This verse really is the ultimate in wisdom because common sense makes life considerably easier and is something anyone can possess. Some people have a real knack applying common sense or ‘down to earth thinking’ to all situations. Maybe the purpose of this verse is to discourage us from trying to be too smart!
Think about it. When we become deeply involved with ‘creative thinking,’ the upshot tends to be that we confuse ourselves. How many everyday situations appear complex simply because we have spent too much time elaborating upon them? Very often the first thought is right. Someone fails to phone you. First thought- they’re busy- which is probably correct. Leading on from here are a multitude of suggestions that enter the brain: phone is dead, they forget, I’m so unimportant they can’t be bothered… this is where paranoia sets in. Alternatively, in business you may have a sound idea however instead of using common sense to get it up and running, you keep adding more ideas and create an elaborate project that is extremely difficult to get off the ground. The wise person will encourage you to, ‘take one step at a time.’
We need to tune into wisdom. Stop and evaluate our thoughts and intended actions to test how ‘sound’ they are. Wisdom prevents costly mistakes. It preserves respect and friendships; keeps money in your pocket; helps you to maintain dignity and respect especially when combined with common sense. Wisdom tells you not to show yourself up at the next works do whilst common sense tells you to drink little or no alcohol.
To be blessed with common sense is a blessing indeed. It is a trusty steed in the race of life helping us to jump over hurdles! Wisdom creates admiration in others and wise people are very much sought after. If you seek advice from a wise person, common sense tells you to follow it. The problem comes when we zone out from wisdom and allow our emotions to take over. We can only be as wise as we allow ourselves to be, so open your mind to wisdom and common sense. The quality of your life will improve and you will know the reason behind every decision. 

Jaz McKenzie
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