Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Blue Screen Of Death - Shove It

The Blue Screen of Death
~IB~ are pleased to feature a brand new rock band, courtesy of Rob 'Stampede Press,' who have lively vibes, a sense of humour and tremendous potential- deadly serious here folks, so put your headphones on and get lost in their music!
The Blue Screen of Death come from Southampton, UK and their line-up is as follows:
Steve George - Guitar & Vocals
Harry "Shogun" Gardner - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Paul Shott - Bas
Guillaume "Gizmo" Redonnet-Brown – Drums 

For those of you not in the know, The Blue Screen of Death is actually a computer term! Blue Screen have what may be termed as ‘retro’ interests, evident from the video ‘Shove It’, yet the same cannot be said of their music which is described in their bio as follows:
‘Blue Screen are purveyors of heavy rock with pop sensibilities. Often combining mighty riffs with catchy vocal melodies’
‘Shove It’ really gives us a taste for the band and is extremely comical , the highlight for me being eating cereal from a trophy!! They say perspective is everything!
Having listened to Blue Screen’s Soundcloud, it is evident that their music is exciting, consistent and based on themes that people can easily associate with. I hope you will be interested in following Blue Screen’s journey and I certainly hope ~IB~ will be able to keep you up-dated. More information on Blue Screen and other rock bands can be obtained from Rob, Email:    check out the website:  Stampede Press Website
Jaz McKenzie
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