Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Food for Thought~ untitled poem by Jani Ringler-Nielsen

I met Jani earlier this year at a poetry event in Croydon and am very pleased to be able to share one of her poems with you. I am referring to it as 'Food For Thought' because that is a precise description of this poem which is open to interpretation. It throws up so many questions concerning the pre-ceding scenario leading to the' switch' and mental shut down.

Anyone fancy writing a short piece leading up to this poem?


For the tear falls softly on her pillow, 
She looks up smiles and knows why. 
Her ears don't hear what she thinks,
Her mind don't answer questions
Why she just does and sleeps and knows I'm ok 
Cause I've made pie.

Jani Ringler-Nielsen

Jaz McKenzie

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  1. Jani Ringler-Nielsen31 January 2015 at 01:00

    Many years had passed,
    the heart beating still,
    just another problem,
    just another pill,
    laying in bed,
    trying to find the answer,
    But what is left for one,
    who is dying slow of cancer,
    For the tear falls softly on my pillow,
    I look up and I smile, cause I know why,
    My ears don't hear what I think,
    my mind don't try to answer questions why,
    I just do and sleep and know I'm ok,
    Cause today I've made pie.