Monday, 11 November 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 45~ Romans 13 V 8- The Debt of Love

Week 45 ~ Romans 13:8 

‘Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.’
When someone uses the term to ‘owe’ the probability is that we think of financial debts or favours- ‘I owe you one mate!’ A favour does not necessarily require a return, at least, not directly. We can barter favours, usually as a means of helping one another or we may receive help from a different source somewhere along the line stemming from the ‘what goes around comes around’ premise.
Why then do we actually owe one another love? This is challenging and we are provided with a straight forward answer- to fulfil God’s law. What we need to do is to uncover the reasons behind our ‘debt of love.’
Firstly, we were born therefore owe a debt of love to our parents. You might say,’ I didn’t ask to be born’ maybe, ‘my parents neglected or abused me.’ Strong, wise people are able to go beyond the obvious and turn it to their advantage by analysing how life experiences have helped them develop their talents and personal characteristics. You are indebted to those who teach you valuable lessons and love could be shown through forgiveness, even if only on a personal level. Forgiveness can be purely within your heart. The fact that we have a debt of love emphasises that we are loved, we received love first. It is something we have been given, we deserve and is ours to share.
Why do I owe you love? What have you ever done for me? On a biblical level God doesn’t owe us anything yet He loves us, easing our way through life when we allow it (you can substitute universal law, if that is your understanding, as all things work together for our good when we believe it.) As we are loved without limitation we should be able to love one another and care for one another on both practical and emotional levels. Love is not wishy-washy, it is solid. Love may involve passion or a good dose of common sense! Like everything else loves has its own spectrum ranging from vivid to pastel, the love of life and beauty to the love of an individual. It has characteristics and qualities so we need to apply judgement in order to give our love to others- unconditionally.
The above verse is a command for life. There are no specifications beyond the order to love one another and of course, to love yourself. Love needs to dwell in your mind, body and soul so that your ability to share true love increases. If we could achieve a deep love one for another we could attain true unity. 

Jaz McKenzie
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