Monday, 18 November 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 46~Psalm 139 v 14- we're all wonderfully made!

Week  46 ~ Psalm 139: 14 

‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made’
This is a very beautiful statement and not to be taken lightly. It also gives you something to be thankful for every day.
A quick question:  How happy are you with yourself- your physical appearance, your mind or maybe your basic characteristics? Hopefully you are very happy overall and thankful for who you are and the progress made in this lifetime.
Sometimes however we see things that we dislike. Whatever faults we see in ourselves need to be kept in perspective as they are simply part of the whole.  The fact is, we have all been wonderfully made starting life as infants and following developmental milestones as we mature which usually leads to a gradual decline of some physical or mental attributes. This is life, a process throughout which we are constantly learning and achieving new things, living and learning. That in itself is wonderful!
Ideally, we need to learn how to embrace ourselves in our entirety, accepting the good with the bad. It is a good job we are beautifully rather than perfectly made or there would be no room for improvement! The way we see ourselves is influenced by the media to a huge extent which often results in dissatisfaction leading to a permanent quest for self- improvement.
Why fearfully, in fear of what?  One possibility is the way we tend to destroy our 'wonderful' selves by spending too much time worrying and stressing as we are supposed to live from day to day in the reassurance that all of our needs will be met. Stress takes a toll on us both physically and mentally, wearing us down and ultimately affecting the quality of our lives.
We are beautiful people, so appreciate yourself, be thankful and make the most of your assets instead of complaining about the things that you consider your weakest points.
Jaz McKenzie
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