Monday, 30 December 2013

Jim Rohn You Must DREAM!

Time to prepare for the New Year so we are sharing excellent advice from the late Jim Rohn. Jim gives us a quick overview of the need to dream and how to go about it with confidence. Here are the three main points:
~Plan your economic goals!!
~Make a list of the things you want ready to check off and celebrate success upon attainment.
~Personal development, what do you need to achieve to become more skilful?

Step 1~ work on your goals- make plans
Step 2~ write your goals down- in your journal and study your desires and accomplishments
Step 3~ check the size of your goals and the kind of goals- your goals are affecting you all days long, they come through your body language. Strong clear goals=good affects.
'Success is doing what the failures won't do.' Love it, definitely time to get started and as Jim says, 'don't join the thank God it's Friday club!' New year and time to re-motivate and achieve.

Jaz McKenzie

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