Sunday, 1 December 2013

Meet Your Guardian Angels, Doreen Virtue

All of us have a guardian angel and there may have been times in your life where you have said, 'some one's looking out for me,' yet not attributed it to anything. This is one of the purposes of your guardian angels. Many of us are not very aware of our guardian angels and do not understand the role that they can play in our lives. For this reason, and to stimulate your interest, we are taking time to find out a little more and have the opportunity to connect. There are angels for everything and you can request help at any time. Fantastic concept and very comforting.

Regarding finding out your angel's name, I tried this and funnily enough a name jumped straight into my mind- maybe you are sceptical and consider it a reaction to suggestion- we can believe or disbelieve, everything is a matter of personal choice, however I am definitely angel orientated!

Jaz McKenzie

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