Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Snapshots From The Bible WK 48~ Proverbs 17 V 14- Preventing arguments

Week 48~ Proverbs 17: 14 

The start of an argument is like a water leak- so stop it before real trouble breaks out.’
The problem with arguments is that they very often spring up from nowhere. You are having a great day and are in a good mood but unfortunately brush up against someone who may be emitting a very different vibration. If we have a good sense of awareness we may be able to prevent any serious deterioration and restore the situation quickly and painlessly to a reasonable discussion. On the other hand, the most common outcome is that we find ourselves being drawn  into an argument and end up giving as good as we get. The outcome will probably be unsatisfactory and you are left with feelings that can range from uncomfortable to furious.
Arguments can start with anything from a few little niggles to outright accusations. Being aware of other people’s moods and body language; matters that may be regarded as sensitive and anything that may be construed as criticism is a great starting point. Awareness helps us to plan what we are going to say and how we will deliver it to avoid an upset. We can also walk away from a dispute or use tactics to soften or circumnavigate a subject to reach a better conclusion. It is so much easier to prevent a leak than plug it. Likewise, it is better to maintain good relationships with people and avoid the need for damage control!
It is not always easy avoiding arguments, particularly if you are emotionally involved with someone. You may have better outcomes if you are pro-active and make decisions following discussions rather than reacting to things. Good old fashioned deep breathing has a great deal going for it, giving you space to calm down and get your thoughts together.
Prevention is better than cure, so challenge yourself- how long can you go without being drawn into an argument?
Might try this one myself and see how it goes! 

Jaz McKenzie
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