Thursday, 9 January 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers? Introduction to our 2014 Blogathon

For the third consecutive year ~IB~ is running its popular Blogathon, a 52 week series under one heading. In 2012 we focused on being positive and inspired with, ‘Live Life~Love Life,’  full of suggestions  to  help you live the life you wish for. Last year we visited the Bible and looked at mini quotes in no particular context with the aim of drawing encouragement for daily living.

This year in 2014, we are taking a broader approach and will be looking at some of the questions life throws at us.  It should prove an interesting exercise as I have no idea yet as to the contents! Generally speaking even light hearted questions will be designed to get you thinking and might occasionally be controversial- who knows!

The stripy picture we are using this year to introduce the weekly blog is taken from a real tease of a question:
‘What is black and white and red all over?’ We have opted for the sunburnt zebra however the original answer was a newspaper; reminding us to always keep an open mind. If we consider questions deeply very often we can come up with more than just one answer and possibly create an interesting debate.

We hope you will enjoy this new series and if you have interesting questions of a general, not personal nature please send to and we’ll take up the challenge of answering them!

Jaz McKenzie

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