Thursday, 9 January 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers? Week 1 "What came first-the chicken or the egg?''

What came first- the chicken or the egg?
This has to be THE proverbial question which is often quoted in numerous situations. A friend of mine once said, ‘that’s obvious, the chicken.’ Must say I agree for two reasons:
  1. God made man – or man evolved within the universe. Either way,  according to logic species of animals, plants and so forth must have been fully formed in order to relay comprehensive coded genetic information via ova, sperm etc so that the species continues.
  2. Eggs have to incubate before they hatch therefore an adult of the species is a requirement so that they develop into babies.
This question is great for emphasising the purpose of questioning itself. We like to understand our world, our universe and constantly observe everything around us, drawing conclusions based upon  current knowledge. I expect scientists have examined this question and formulated pretty accurate conclusions but the great thing is that we unpeel knowledge in layers and just when we think we know something, discover something else! The atom was once thought to be the smallest thing possible until scientists discovered they were wrong!- go look it up if you’ve forgotten.
The chicken or the egg? It si immaterial really as it doesn’t affect the man in the street. We have myriads ofchickens who lay eggs and the cycle of life continues with both the chicken and the egg awaiting an unfortunate destiny in the majority of cases.  The next questions this thought provokes are,’ should we really eat meat or be vegetarian?  Should all battery farming be banned?
Any Braappers fancy arguing the case for the egg or giving feedback on other questions around this subject?
Jaz McKenzie

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