Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine Love~ How does Valentine's day make you feel?

Origins of Valentine's day

To some people Valentine's Day is just another day; to others it is a time of great joy, maybe sadness, possibly memories. 14th February is yet another day that man has grabbed and used to his advantage with the economy maxing it up to create an enormous economical opportunity... and what a guilt stir it can become!

Next to anniversaries we are expected to celebrate this day of love with a card at the very least, presents, evenings out and show due appreciation for our loved ones. Children are busy making cards for their parents (now where did that sneak in?) and we all live happily ever after.

It is a beautiful day if kept in perspective and provided you are not judging your entire relationship on the amount of attention received from your partner on this single day! If a relationship is a little strained, Valentine's is the perfect opportunity to show love by going the extra mile- but what of those who are single or simply not seeking love?

Valentine's Day is the ideal time to appreciate the person who should be the love of your life~ yourself. Go out and buy yourself a bunch of flowers and make time to do the things you enjoy. Romance needs to bloom within, even when we are in good relationships. The happier you are with yourself the more attractive you become to others.

If you have lost your partner (as in bereavement) you may wish to spend time re-living good memories and think about the love and joy experienced together. Good relationships help us to be more secure and usually enable us to be loving towards others.

Whoever you are and whatever your situation, it is good to consider Valentine's day as a day of love and put your effort into making others happy as you go about your business. Everything else is a bonus, so appreciate it! Finally, why not simply focus on love everyday? That would lead to much more satisfying lives altogether.

Jaz McKenzie

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