Sunday, 9 March 2014

Frank Pitter interview with Its Braap~ Big Up to Skinhead Reggae!!!

I heard Frank Pitter singing recently at one of the Heritage of Ska evenings and am pleased to bring you an interview with the man himself, courtesy of Buffaloo Radio (click)

It is always fascinating having a glance into other people's lives and Frank has travelled across the continents playing to his worldwide audience. Those of you who grew up loving Ska music will be very familiar with Frank's Skinhead Reggae whereas the rest of us have an education to catch up with!

Besides his music, Frank is very busy running a couple of businesses however he still has time to make new recordings and run his Youtube-Frank Pitter Frank's band has been given various names along the way and besides singing, Frank is quite the musician and not overly impressed with 'mice people'!!

Jaz McKenzie

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