Sunday, 23 March 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers #11- Why are so mny people afraid of dying?

What most people are afraid of is the way in which they will die followed by the timing, ie: will I have done everything I set out to do? People often say that they hope to pass away peacefully in their sleep and none of us wish to suffer debilitating diseases or a painful decline from other causes.

It wouldn't do us any good if we could choose the age of our departure, simply because there's a strong possibility we would pick the wrong time! If we disappeared too soon we might miss out on the best years of our lives or alternatively experience things we would have preferred to miss; therefore we should not be questioning what we consider to be premature deaths, especially childhood deaths, with anger - so often in life we will uncover the true reason later and so we need to be forgiving and open to allow the answers to flow.

Death is associated with pain whether momentary or prolonged, and pain is guaranteed to make us fearful. People have died and shortly after returned to life, often telling similar stories of looking down on their body, following white lights, seeing angels etc. I think that we do receive help with the transition between life and death and definitely believe in angels, although some people will not share this view. It seems quite a logical process as we are helped into this world by midwives and usually the mother experiences a great deal of pain- hard to know how it feels from the babies point of view, being squeezed and propelled towards the light! As cycles go, a similar exit with help from angels or friendly spirits makes perfect sense.

Thinking of your own death isn't easy but we should at least prepare as far as possible by having great relationships all round and working towards our potential. Other considerations include: writing a will, making amends, possibly having a funeral plan, generally keeping our affairs in order and without doubt, developing the spiritual side of ourselves as this is the part that lives after death.

I was struck that the husband of one of the passengers on the missing flight had taken off his watch and given it to his wife for safe keeping and made some 'sentimental' remarks. Strange coincidence yet we are all subject to hunches, so never ignore your hunches.

So how do you feel about death? What do you need to do to prepare? Or do you live by the day and refuse to worry? It is good to be of sound mind and in a position to approach this rationally, so next time there's a jumper on the line, don't get mad- just be thankful that you have your wits about you Such desperation stems from negativity and an inability to propel yourself to a better level. Families are often left behind, distraught and without a true understanding of the 'why?', a terrible position to be in.

Finally, death can be a relief from the ills of this world and is definitely a process we will all experience, but fear of death is like any other fear needing to be redirected in a positive manner.

Jaz McKenzie

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