Monday, 3 March 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers?- Week 8- Can you tell the time?

We all assume automatically that we can tell the time- but supposing we're all wrong!
Have you ever considered that although we accept our calendars and clocks to be accurate methods of checking and logging time, we could be way out.

The essence of time is infinite, yet for some reason we chose to break it into segments. Yes there are seasons- at least, there were a few years ago however they have become merged of late! Seasons to allow for rest, renewal and growth, but these have never been day perfect. In the Bible, people lived for hundreds of years and life spans do change. Nothing is fixed- if it were, every baby would arrive on its due date. On a basic level even the Chinese New Year does not start at the same time as Europe, something we are accustomed to and many of us simply enjoy the celebrations.

If we didn't have time we wouldn't be able to become obsessed with it. Time is used to create routines, to set challenges and give the world a sense of order. Now here's a thought~ How often do we worry about our age- imagine if we grew older without markers! One day rolls into the next and you have no way of counting. Physically we would still change and grow older but we wouldn't know how much by. That settles the question of whether to date a younger/older partner quite nicely! Of course, age is important for development- doctor my baby cannot crawl and all his friends are walking. How long have you had him? Quite some time now but I lost track after 300 meals. Point being we have to have a means to measure to make sensible judgements.

Time really is elastic and in some ways makes no sense at all. On occasion we sleep very soundly and wake up expecting it to be morning only to find we slept for two hours and at other times a minute can seem like an hour.

Emotions have a strong effect upon the way we perceive time. Who calculated units of time in the first place and why? Obviously a scientist - thank you sir or we couldn't carry out time and motion studies. Our days grow longer in the summer and shorter in the winter which confirms that animals who hibernate have probably got it right after all, few of us want to get out of bed in the winter and S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is strongly recognised as a genuine medical condition.

Final thought- time has to be the most elusive thing known to man. You can't see it or feel it yet it exists and our way of measuring time is simply our way. There may be more planets in the galaxy where time is measured differently according to the conditions that exist there. What we do know is that time exists everywhere, we can do things in it, move through it and most of all it is very precious. Time is limitless but can be wasted oh so easily. Try to make the most of yours by working hard and playing hard- and stop watching the clock!

Jaz McKenzie

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