Sunday, 9 March 2014

Have Questions~Have Answers?- Week 9 How well do you know yourself?

This is a question which needs to be answered by the individual.
Life is a journey and we may believe that we know ourselves, yet so often a situation arises that proves us wrong!

I think it is important to remain non-specific about the way you are likely to react because whilst life is a journey, we will change with every new experience. I know full well that most of my 'I never will's' turned out differently. This can be positive or negative but hopefully we grow to question and acquire knowledge that helps us to live our ideal life.

When we are born we take on the attributes of those around us, we have no other examples to gain knowledge from. We hear our family views, experience cultural practice and so forth therefore we have a great deal of information to wade through before we are in a position to challenge our existing way of life and decide upon a different course or at least know why we live the way we do.

People can be so influential, especially if they are confident and appear to have something interesting to offer us. So many people change their religion following encouragement from a strongly persuasive person. Persuasion does not mean force, it can be taking a real interest in someone's wellbeing which is thankfully received. This does not mean that the receiving party is weak, people are free to make choices as they see fit.

Many people do fall prey to dominant partners and end up either 'under the thumb' or as a recipient of abuse. This is different and based on a person's need to control. Again, strong people can get themselves out of these situations even if they take a long time before going about it. Help and support are vital to help people build confidence and self-esteem which we need in all areas of  our lives.

Sometimes in life we are literally pushed to our limit and we may find that our limit has stretched further than we would have thought possible. Often we acquire inner strength which enables us to cope with huge burdens, even if we nearly collapse afterwards!

What is important in life? I would say, keeping an open mind. If you keep your mind open you will have exciting new experiences that bring riches of all sorts. Not all riches are financial, to be rich in joy, happiness and love should be at the top of your. Yes money is great and opens doors, however with the right attitude, money often follows.

 Just be thankful for everything good in your life and have an idea of what you want, then at least you will know the foundations of your personality!

Jaz McKenzie

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