Friday, 21 March 2014

loving you minnie riperton

When it comes to love songs, the late Minnie Riperton definitely sang the cream of the crop- no fancy lyrics, simplicity itself proving a definite case of 'less is more.' Love is truly romanticised, the dream of a lifetime accompanied by guitar and birdsong giving it the sunny edge. Loving you doesn't push declarations of love to the limit, contrasting beautifully with Bryan Adams approach where he dramatically states,' 'I'll die for you' in 'Everything I do,' yet the longing in 'Loving You' is clear and euphoric feelings are incredibly strong.

Ultimately it's the purity of Minnie's voice which is really appealing, her ability to reach for the stars with every high notes and, after all these years, keeps some of us gripped in anticipation until they have been perfectly executed time and again.

Jaz McKenzie

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