Saturday, 29 March 2014

Thistle Heaven~ Poem by Jaz McKenzie

A quick poem, the idea for which was taken from this photo. If you look carefully you can see a beautiful triumphant thistle standing proud in front of the dustbin. The ground around has been left untended allowing the thistles a free run all around. This is a great visual to use emphasising how important it is to prevent our minds from becoming 'thistle bound' by being aware of our thoughts and intentions. We have the power to exercise mind control, so when we become aware of negative, painful or destructive thoughts we need to stop, identify them and replace with great powerful thoughts. At first this is not easy and there will be times when it is an excruciatingly difficult practice but it is guaranteed to improve the overall quality of your life.

A little mind matter for the weekend!

Thistle Heaven

Be careful when allowing your mind to run free
Least thoughts pop into it carelessly!
Loose thoughts pervading your very mind
Become possessive, nurturing
Until you find... you've lost control
With a negative plant
Taking over your whole.


For the mind may become an untamed allotment
Weeds and thistles rambling with intent
To prove their strength and virility
A destructive force that you might not see
Set to re-route your destiny
So be careful to own each thought you think
Lest the thistles push you over the brink!!

Jaz McKenzie  ©2014
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