Saturday, 15 March 2014


~IB~ recently attended the first ever Ashanti Lounge Live event which will run every Thursday night at the Leilani and Ashanti Bar and Lounge, hosted by Macky McPherson of Urban Delight, There was a real buzz in the air, heavy with expectation as artists checked out the celebrity area and patiently awaited their turn to perform.

Celebrity area
Nahum kicked off the live entertainment with a demonstration of different Beatbox styles and later created an ad hoc improvisation with rapper Streak Sterling, drawing on their talents to meet the moment!
Saint Paul followed, setting the bar high with his crisp, clear flow and contemporary lyrics containing a taste of the familiar 'hands up in the air- for hip hop!' Saint Paul also treated us to an exclusive of his song, 'So Sorry' featuring Deleelah who was unable to make the event- good opportunity for a recall next month. Saint Paul, not a teenager, says he's a little late entering the scene however he clearly loves and understands his music and adds great entertainment value to his act.

Les McNeil from Lovers Rock Band Tradition treated us to some 'Breezin' vibes whilst taking the traditional route of dancing with a member of the audience~ nice one Les and in keeping with the showmanship expected of established artists.

Culprit Ex is a young rapper who shared his own distinctive style and included a track called, 'Do My Thing.' Macky introduced Culprit Ex by saying that he's been busy sharing Culprit's music on his Facebook page and is definitely a fan. Culprit Ex has the ingredients of a good rap artist however would benefit from upping his performance and interacting with the audience which comes with experience.

Polish reggae singer Emiliyah has the element of surprise on her side combined with a very powerful voice and the ability to sustain long notes featured in her song, 'I want to Thank You.' This artist sings quality songs and has a great sense of humour- with a little more work Emiliyah should be able to propel herself to the next level.
High Energy act BM hit the stage running with excellent Afrobeat music- Bend Down Low and treated us to some crazy dance moves that grabbed everyone's attention. This guy is a quality act who is destined for a large stage and huge audience.

Emiliyah, Shishco BoB, Zeena
Urban Delight definitely has talented artists on its books including Shishco BoB and 13K from the R.A.W. Family of artists. 'Father Mi Love You is their current song, full of energy and positive vibes. Shishco BoB and 13K are reggae/dancehall artists who bring their own flavour, tunes and charisma, matched in kind later by an equally energetic artist- Dancehall Queen Zeena Banks who positively effervesces, posing the question, 'when is Urban Delight going to bring these artists together and blow the roof off the house?' That may well be on the cards so watch this space!!

Macky is featuring a number of unsigned acts who have real talent and will not be constantly repeating the line-up, so pop along on Thursdays for some great entertainment.

Jaz McKenzie

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