Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Dedication to the ‘would be’ movers & shakers!! ~ poem by Jaz McKenzie

Just thinking about all the people in the world who have big dreams but just don't get around to doing anything about them- they just turn over & go back to sleep~ little effort=little results!
'A Dedication to the ‘would be’ movers & shakers!!' 

Today is here- it has arrived
So what are you going to do about it?
Shout praises that you’re here alive?
Or waste time under the duvet wishing life away?
NO NO NO! That won’t do at all
Let your inner lion ROAR and have his say
Create a creation that tailors the hours to suit
Life’s not meant to be serious; it can be a hoot!
A mix of work and play benefitting the inner you
And whatever you do remain true to your core
Do it your way, pushing at every door
In anticipation of success till you shout ‘result’
Believe me friend-
That is what life is about! 

Jaz McKenzie © 2014



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