Friday, 9 May 2014

Have Questions ~Have Answers #16- Do you trust your instincts?

Do you trust your instincts?
We are all born with an in-built safety system and this is called ‘instinct.’ Our instincts are basically automatic reactions to situations and may show themselves physically or emotionally depending upon the trigger! Sometimes we have time to react to our instincts and at others we have instinctive reactions, for example: if you walk into a lamppost you may well curse or, if the pain is really bad, cry. To hit back is also an instinctive reaction in some people whereas others have an instinctive feeling that it is best not to reciprocate and walk away. We usually react to our instincts when we have time to think about a situation. When we meet people we often have instinctive likes and dislikes, our instinct will dictate our action. I once interview a painfully shy young girl who had difficulty answering the questions but my gut instinct was that she was an excellent candidate for the job- so I hired her and she worked extremely well. It would have been easy to reject her as there was little on paper to go on.
This shows that there are times when we should trust our instincts and occasions where wisdom over-rides. But what about the personal decisions we need to make in life? When it comes to taking risks we can weight them up carefully or simply follow our instincts- what a great study that would make if it could be undertaken in relation to real life, but then of course we don’t know the direction the opposite course would have taken.
I heard in a seminar recently – I think it was by Caroline Myss (world famous spiritual healer) who said that we always end up where we are destined, however we have two choices when faced with any situation- the safe choice and the risky choice. Caroline  says that you can go through life making safe choices but the risky ones are much more exciting! Of course, if you trust your gut instinct which basically means trusting yourself, you will step into the arena of risk, usually without a safety net, with the result that in the majority of situations you will make the right choice. The more you trust your instincts the more in tune you will become with yourself and therefore personal understanding, acceptance and comfort.
Challenges are the food of life- no challenges, no opportunity for growth. Sometimes we find ourselves in a comfortable position which may tick over for many years- when suddenly opportunity is knocking on our door. This is when we refer to our instincts and may have to step out in faith and trust that we will serve ourselves well. If you have nothing and an opportunity comes along, you have nothing to lose. If you have nothing and create your own opportunity, even if you start with a few hesitant steps, through having faith it will be blessed. This may not happen immediately as most people have a few false starts along the way- but these are basically learning curves so that you acquire the knowledge to succeed, so keep going even if you have to adjust your course from time to time.
Ultimately, life is all about the living, not existing from day to day, so the more chances you take the more interesting life becomes. Fear has to become a word of the past and when it surfaces, replace it with faith! Both of these words refer to the unknown, the difference- fear is negative whilst faith is positive.  Make good choices, make poor choices but don’t stay stuck in a groove,  it’s your life so play the whole tune!
Jaz McKenzie
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