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Have Questions~Have Answers #17-Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of will power?

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of will power?
The way we control our will power contributes greatly to the success we experience in life- FACT. Yet will power is something you might never give any real consideration to. We often hear people say things that acknowledge their will power in particular situations, such as: ‘I can never keep my new resolutions for more than a couple of weeks,’  but look at the effect this has on your life! Using the typical gym for exercise, if you stop going you will probably remain slightly overweight and considerably under toned; like the majority of the population. Does this matter? Only if it affects your self- esteem, but if you are genuinely unconcerned, have no immediate medical conditions and are comfortable with yourself it would appear immaterial.

The problem comes when this is not an isolated incident in your life and is a typical personality trait. If you are forever giving in to poor will power you are not respecting yourself therfore dismissing personal value. This might sound extreme but sometimes we are setting ourselves up to fail. Where exercise is concerned people fail because regular gym attendance is an alien practice and huge commitment in real terms. Better to start out gradually and find a form of exercise that suits- eg: Zumba is popular and probably cheaper than gym membership. One class a week is a more realistic commitment as people usually overdo the gym.
On a serious level, how many people find themselves stuck in a job or relationship because they lack the will power to move on? If you are ‘weak willed’ you will lack the mental energy  as continually giving in to please or appease others is mentally draining, leaving even less will power to attend to personal needs. It is a bitter circle and if you wish to move on you need to formulate a plan that strengthens your will power progressively.
One way is to set small targets that you can meet so you do not let yourself down. Maybe getting up when the alarm sounds. First you decide upon a realistic time and secondly, you get up at that time. If routine is one of your strengths yet you constantly give in to your partner or children, choose situations that you have definite views about so you can easily reinforce your decision. Example: your children always want some biscuits at bedtime. You know this is un-necessary and not good for their health so it is easy to decline and if need be, offer an alternative.
Will power is connected with self-belief, so if you strengthen it you will have more self-belief and a better self-image. This increases your ability to love yourself and command respect. Once you start building up your will power you are less likely to be taken advantage of and this is a blessing, being less stressful and often providing more time to do your own thing!
Next time you find yourself ditching an activity or agreeing to something you are not really in agreement with or would prefer not to do, ask yourself why this happened. Were you just tired or lacking in energy-Why? Did you feel intimated and afraid of the consequences? If so, time to make some changes, identify fears and clarify what you really want from your life.
Will power is the power to follow through with your thoughts, decisions, intended actions, interactions. If you lack will power you will be a shadow of the real you. To be the best you, exercise will power and praise yourself for all of your successes; only then will you find just how strong you are and how rich life truly is.

Jaz McKenzie
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