Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hurt Girl- Poem by Kyillie- Ann Jones

We have shared work on ~IB~ before from Kyillie-Ann Jones whose work is quite deep, always getting to the heart of the matter. In this particularly poem Kyillie looks at the need for us to be self reliant, looking inwards for our happiness and satisfaction in life rather than relying on someone else, particularly a partner. None of us like to be responsible for the happiness of another and those who like that level of control have the opposite effect upon their partners! The key to Kyillie-Ann's poem~ never lose your identity.
Letter to hurt girl
Girl I see you’re searching but there nothing to find

Girl you think you love him but your hurt has you blind

He can’t see you for all that your worth

He can’t see you cause you can’t see yourself

How is he supposed to know you

When you don’t show him who you are?

You’re just clinging on to him while he’s getting ready to leave

He doesn’t feel your love he only sees your pain

He doesn’t want to work things out

He wants to be free from this Roller-coaster ride

-          he cant take your darkness inside.

You use him for a safe place to hide.

You  can’t see he’s looking for an open door ,

You can’t see

He’s looking for the right time to run

Love is not supposed to be scary

It’s supposed to be fun.
Kyillie-Ann Jones 2014
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