JOURNEY TO JUSTICE~ J TO J~ is a powerful UK campaign set to launch shortly - Saturday 21 June, 7.30pm, 2014, Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq, Holborn. The evening will weave together an eclectic mix of song, poetry, film and dynamic speeches to reinforce the need for social justice.  As we all belong in the same world, the heart of this organisation beats to inspire us all universally.
Pauline Pearce
Compere Pauline Pearce, Hackney Heroine, will lead us through the performances,  presenting struggles from past and present generations with the aim of encouraging us to  formulate new approaches collectively  and individually; making ours a more just world.  Pauline will remind us that June 21st is the 50th anniversary of the murder of civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman in Mississippi, therefore this launch is dedicated in part to their memory.
Performances on the night will include: 
* The David Idowu Choir  (formed in memory of David, who was a 15 year old victim of knife crime)
* Tayo Aluko (who wrote Call Mr Robeson)
* Streetz Ahead dance
* UCLU Jazz Society
* Zena Edwards, poet and singer
* Jo Clarke singing some classic Nina Simone 
* Wayne Marshall singing classic civil rights anthems.   
Wayne Marshall
Light refreshments will be served in the interval.
The main speaker will be Leyla Hussein, co-founder of Daughters of Eve and campaigner against gender based violence. The launch event will conclude with a tribute to the late great Pete Seeger, a king of social protest music.

Leyla Hussein
The night will promote Journey to Justice’s first project: a travelling exhibition about the US civil rights movement and its impact, as this provides a solid model that people can relate to. Primarily, ‘Journey to Justice' enables us to engage with our own rich history of the grass-roots movements that have led to massive social changes towards equality. Using the US civil rights movement, it frames the long journey we have travelled enabling us to recognise universal human rights. This exhibition will give people a real chance to engage with some of the key milestones in history, and will empower a generation’’ (The British Humanist Association.)
Journey to Justice will tour UK communities starting with Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sheffield. As the exhibition travels,  it will connect with local UK histories of campaigns for change, the snowball effect creating a bigger picture of the move towards justice within the UK.

The launch coincides with Journey to Justice’s crowd funding campaign which aims to raise £20,000 towards creating and building the travelling exhibition Follow donations here Journey To Justice supporters expect the initial £10 donation to be richly blessed and ask for your support in sharing this venture by word of mouth and social networking (J TO J FACEBOOK.) If you wish to hold a fundraising event or become involved directly with this powerful, life-changing campaign check the website for contact details or email info@journeytojustice.org

~IB~ hopes that you will take this campaign to heart and book your tickets now. Grab some energy from the Streets Ahead dancers and get busy sharing!

Jaz McKenzie