Friday, 9 May 2014

Letter to Hurt Girl -Part 2 by Kyillie-Ann Jones


Hurt Girl Part two- Road to recovery

Your insecurities don’t work for him

He don’t want to see you cry

So he won’t say bye, he will just walk out your life.

Now is your time to be your own glue, learn to depend on you

Nothing else will work

A new man won’t stop the hurt.

Diamonds are dug up from dirt and washed clean

Don’t let your rough edges  make you bitter and mean

Don’t cut the man who wants to love you

And don’t let him become your new glue

Only you can sort out you!

Only you know what to do

Hurt girl now is your chance to heal your elf

Before you become another pretty Girl on the shelf

Kyillie-Ann Jones 2014
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