Friday, 16 May 2014


Thanks to Mark Galloway ~IB~ was privileged to be involved with the Everybody Dreams campaign in 2012, a project that was conceived and executed by Gladesmore School in Tottenham, London, a year after the Tottenham riots. We are thrilled that Mark is keen to involve us in a brand new and equally serious venture called, 'Journey To Justice.'

Whereas 'Everybody Dreams' was specifically designed to create awareness that the children who live in Tottenham are not trouble makers but astute ambitious young people who aim to make a difference to the area and inspire youth across the UK, 'Journey To Justice' focuses on social justice and helping people learn how to overcome and create a better future. As you can see from the logo, Journey To Justice is about learning from the past and seeing what the current influences are to help support human rights. Journey To Justice is a high level campaign led by an experienced team.

Project Director Carrie Supple has been concerned with the welfare of young people for many years and was part of the 'Street Law' team that initiated Youth Act (2003-2011.) The team provided training and advice to staff at Gladesmore Community School' which ensured the success of their campaigns; the award winning Value Life Campaign and the record breaking Everybody Dreams Campaign.  It is worth noting Mark Galloway's monumental achievement last year when he negotiated the free provision of nine buses to take Gladesmore children from Tottenham to the Tower of London to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Value Life Campaign.

In the next blog we will be posting website links and information about the forthcoming Launch at Conway Hall, giving you a more in-depth look at this project; so get ready as this train is set to leave the station!!

Jaz McKenzie

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