Friday, 2 May 2014

'Thank You'~ poem by Jaz McKenzie

Sadly,basic courtesy so often seems to be lacking these days and at times we can feel irritated or even angry when we do things for other people and our efforts are ignored. These are two little words that can flow from our lips so easily and simply show that we don't take other people for granted. In some instances a word of thanks is just an acknowledgement, alternatively it can also be a very deep expression of gratitude for an act of kindness, support or straight forward appreciation. As you may have guessed I was a little irritable recently and made a mental note to write this poem!

Thank You!
 Why not say Thank You when I stand aside to let you pass-
Umbrella bending under the power of wind driven rain;
Allowing you to progress smoothly, gliding along the pavement
Like a ship on the ocean?

 Why not say Thank You while I’m holding the door open
To save you juggling with your shopping bags as you exit the store
Without even a glance of acknowledgement-
Are you really that pre-occupied?

Why not signal Thank You when I slow down
So you can swing out, noisily, into the stream of traffic
Allowing myself to drop back in the queue-
Is it because your car is bigger and better than mine?

 Why not say Thank You for all the help I gave
Willingly, eating into my precious time
Going that extra mile just for your benefit-
Or has familiarity caused you to take me for-granted? 

After all-
Words are free
Yet appreciation is priceless?
And impressions- long lasting. 

Jaz McKenzie © 2014

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